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UCC presents premium black ready to drink coffee, coffee beans are carefully selected and precisely roasted

August 2020– Ueshima Coffee Company, widely known as UCC, has been pioneering Japanese roasting technology since 1933. UCC was established with the purpose of producing delicious coffee with authentically rich aromas brought out by innovative roasting and brewing techniques. All this is available in a can. The line of handy beverages includes UCC Milk coffee, which was launched back in 1969 as the world’s first canned coffee beverage from Japan.

UCC Black is a premium unsweetened black coffee (no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavor) suitable for customers who are seeking a healthier option over other brands for their Ready-to-drink coffee. As the world’s first and trusted company to produce canned coffee, you can be assured of this particular ready-to-drink unsweetened black coffee. Its bold and smooth flavor will pleasantly surprise you!

Unlike other canned coffee brands, UCC is packed with 100% Roasted Pure Black coffee beans which provide real and intense taste. Leveraging Japan quality assurance, easy consumption, better aroma, and refreshing cuisine tastes, this coffee is flavored with natural water. No sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavor. A 100% pure black coffee taste with a roasted aroma that lingers in every sip

“Our UCC Black Coffee is the most orthodox product in the lineup. It comes in a convenient can, so you will enjoy its aromas and smoothness on the go. Unlike most coffees, there is no bitter aftertaste: only the great flavor again and again. We aim to be persistent about the ultimate taste and pleasure of coffee in every aspect. Our UCC Black coffee uses a deep-roasting method. The beans are carefully extracted at three temperature levels to achieve the optimum coffee taste, to make our customer smile.” said Mr. Nobuo Kinoshita, Chairman, UCC Ueshima Coffee (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

UCC Black coffee is not only healthier and Ready-to-drink but comes with the magnificent Japan quality standard. Deep-roasted beans are carefully extracted by 3 temperature extraction (low, medium, and high temperatures) to achieve better coffee taste. The extraction process, a method of using more portions of coffee and lower temperatures. This will bring the flavor and sharpness of the coffee, also water brewed coffee which is extracted with low temperatures, then using high temperature to make the flavor rich.

UCC Pure Black coffee (100% Roasted Beans) 185gm is now available nationwide at supermarkets and shopping malls for 39 Baht.

For more information, please contact UCC Coffee Thailand

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