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Unilever’s Innovation Reinvented: Creamier, Greener ‘Wall’s Take-Home

 Unilever, a leading global company committed to fostering sustainable positive impact, is continuing its mission in consumer-centric innovations as well as its endeavors to do good. In this regard, Wall’s Thailand has launched the new ‘Wall’s Take-home”, reinventing its original formula for the first time in ten years, featuring an increased amount of skimmed milk powder resulting in creamier and smoother texture. The new ‘Wall’s Take-home’’ is designed more efficiently with up to 16% less in plastic consumption, reiterating Unilever’s commitment to delivering value to consumers while promoting sustainability to uplift the quality of life for everyone in society.

 Mr. Abhijit Kulkarni, Ice Cream Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam Lead and SEA Innovation Lead, said: “Unilever’s primary goal is to champion healthy living. For more than 90 years, Unilever has stood side by side with Thai society, leveraging technology and innovation to develop products that cater to consumers’ needs. The first product renovations of the decade for ‘Wall’s Take-home’’, the No.1 ice cream that has long captured Thai consumers’ hearts, includes an increased quantity of skimmed milk powder, resulting in a creamier and smoother texture, as well as a reduction in the use of plastic in packaging. This highlights Unilever’s focus on delivering good taste and nutritional benefits to consumers along with continuing our mission on environmental sustainability, reducing the use of plastic while increasing the use of higher-quality plastics to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across all product categories by 2039.”

The new ‘Wall’s Take-home’’, with an increase of over 1% in skimmed milk powder, offers a creamier and smoother texture. The package is made with 16% less plastic, which will potentially reduce up to 150 tons of plastic per year, equivalent to 900 tons of reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, the new package design helps reduce storage space by up to 9.8%, resulting in 22 tons of reduced carbon emissions annually from the logistics between factories and warehouses.

The new ‘Wall’s Take-home’’ comes with a wide range of eleven flavors. These include the timeless and much-loved Wall’s Classics, as well as the great value Wall’s 2-in-1 and Wall’s 3-in-1 consisting of different flavors in a single tub and offering a delectable experience of mixing and recreating flavors of choice. Available in two sizes: 760 ml and 310 ml, the new ‘Wall’s Take-home’’ is ready to serve its creamier and smoother texture at leading department stores from 15 July 2023 onwards.

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