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W Koh Samui Brings the Filipino Traditional Spa Treatment ‘Banana Scanning’ Closer to Guests at AWAY Spa in September 2019.

AWAY Spa at W Koh Samui, in collaboration with Quan Spa at Clark Marriott hotel in the Philippines, invites professional Spa Mixologist (Therapist), Ms. Rosarie Yang, to offer Filipino traditional therapeutic treatment called ‘Signature Hilot Ritual’ on the tropical Thai island from September 1-30, 2019.

With over 15 years of experience in wellness and spa treatment, Ms. Yang is a well-trained instructor and also a community-based trainer in massage therapy at the Provincial Governor’s Office (Training and Placement Network Program) in San Vicente Tarlac City in the Philippines.

This refined ‘Signature Hilot Ritual’ treatment uses fresh coffee scrub, full of nutrients that the skin directly absorbs, leaving you feeling fresh and making your skin glow. The treatment continues with Hilot massage – a traditional therapeutic massage in the Philippines that uses strips of warm banana leaf laced with coconut oil to place over the body to clear tensed muscles. This sublime treatment embraces the natural healing powers of traditional Filipino massage.

Quick bit: Hilot session begins with the spreading of oil on the skin. Spa Mixologist’s deft fingers will feel the body for areas of congestion. Once found, Spa Mixologist gently massages the body using upward, circular and downward strokes. In the traditional way, Spa Mixologist uses a fresh banana leaf that generously covered with coconut oil to run over the body. With a belief that areas of congestion are usually hotter or colder than the rest of the body and will therefore have a different reaction to the banana leaf and oil. As a result, the banana leaf gets “stuck” as opposed to the smooth passing of the banana leaf in places without congestion. Spa Mixologist will then use Ventosa cupping therapy in the areas of congestion.

Signature Hilot Ritual (90-minutes) is priced at THB 3,900++ per person (subject to 17.7% vat and service charge). Advance booking is required. For more information and reservations, call +6677915999, email awayspa.wkohsamui@whotels.com or visit www.wkohsamui.com.

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