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Watching these movies will make you want to travel all around the world

Few things are as nice as being able to turn the world and go where many would not dare to step on. Walking, using a machine, car or any other means you have trips that have an adventure is always more exciting. They have so much adrenaline that they are hardly forgotten. And just because Alaska or the Amazon can fall far enough for your budget, there are 9 movies that made us travel to the far end of the world through the big screen.

Mondo Enduro (1996)

The film presents a bunch of friends starting a motorcycle mission to make the most of the world. Everyone started with a Suzuki DR350 of 350 cubic meters from London and after passing through Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Siberia and Chile returned to Britain with stops in Africa and the Middle East. It is basically a film that inspired The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

Pillock Conquers the World (1969-72)

A musical band takes on an old London coach, which has already written over 1 million kilometers on its track and decides to make an adventurous musical journey. So they load their musical instruments and reach up to India. From there they head for Australia and then cross the US. Meanwhile, they had concerts to make money and move, while the awful thing was that they made the whole trip with the amazing 16mm Kodachrome, the oldest color film.

The Power of Dreams (2015)

A really moving story for a Belgian teenager, Arthur Fievet, who is seriously injured and stays paralyzed. But he does not put him down and starts a trip to Alaska. It is a movie that passes silent messages about the power of will, while showing the wild beauty of Alaska.

The Traveler (2010)

This is an amazing film showing Dimitri Kieffer’s difficult and adventurous effort to make his own tour around the world within four years.  You should not miss this movie.

One map for Two (1957)

Two teenage friends in Italy of the ’50s get their Ducati and decide to turn the world. It is actually a trip to the 5 continents, in 35 countries and 4 revolutions that lived close. With a pocket map and just 175 cubic meters you definitely do not say that they managed the easiest thing.

Eat, Pray, Love

This movie shows the spiritual travel of Julia Roberts, who decides to satisfy herself for the first time in her life, visiting various countries. Indonesia is a special stop, as she manages to find her love, surrounded by luxury resorts Bali has in a great variety.


Peeled Faces on the Amazon (2015)

A team of explorers under West Hansen, who specializes in canoe, is launching a mission to the most remote source of the Amazon River in the Andes. They conduct a highly dangerous and difficult kayak canoeing, crossing over 6,700 kilometers in 111 days, and are the first to manage rowing in almost the entire Amazon, from the farthest source to the sea.

The Great Game (2016)

A man, a Land Cruiser named Boris and 48,000 kilometers of adventure. The man who did this is Jon Beardmore who shot it all by himself all the way. From London to Kuala Lumpur and back through China, Iran and other stops in between, this road-trip is one of the most legendary of its kind.

Dot (2015)

It is a really interesting short film (just 15 minutes) that records Nathan Millward’s journey from Sydney to London with a motorcycle of just 110 cubic meters.

Damavand (2016)

This is another short film follows a group in its quest to reach Iran’s tallest peak.

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