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World-class Education in the Heart of Bangkok

A career in hospitality can open up so many doors for those who are passionate in pursuing their professions in hotels, cruises, restaurants and bars, or catering business. Thanks to its tradition of catering for wealthy tourists, Switzerland has remained the centre of academic excellence, competitiveness and innovation in the sector for over the past 150 years. The Swiss have been highly acknowledged in bringing many skills and quality traits into the hospitality industry, including the attention to detail, professionalism, timely service and precision. When the luxury hospitality business was booming back in the day, those in the hotel and restaurant industries were seeking education from the Swiss hospitality model.

A unique trait of Swiss hospitality educational model is experiential learning, students joining the Swiss hospitality education institutions acquire these skills through practical modules not only in the institutions’ classroom or lab, but they also have to get hands-on experience in the actual hospitality fields, which include hotel and business management, F&B and catering etc.

Pioneer of the Hospitality Education

Talking about prestigious hospitality schools, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) would be among the top of the list. Being regarded as the first and best hospitality management school in the world by various rankings, including QS World University ranking for Hospitality & Leisure Management Universities, EHL has created and inspired a high-quality professional community of hospitality managers around the world.

What makes EHL unique is that the university prepares students to take on management and strategic roles in the hotel and travel industries as well as global careers in luxury, finance, retail, and all other sectors where the customer relationship is the key.

“EHL has genuine, historical proximity to the tourism and hotel industry. This unique relationship differentiates us and strengthens our work with academic institutions and organisations worldwide. Through our EHL Advisory Services company, we can provide learning centers with access to a range of hospitality knowledge and concrete industry experience, built on the success of our Schools in Switzerland for over 125 years.” said Olivier Roux – Senior Managing Director at EHL Advisory Services.

Bringing world-class hospitality education to the heart of Bangkok

With the goal in developing exemplary hospitality professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs for Asia, CULINEUR School of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with EHL Advisory Services – a member of the EHL Group, has developed signature Diploma programme. The two-year full-time course comprises a succession of carefully designed modules focusing on increasingly specialised professional culinary skills, as well as incorporating subjects related to business management and entrepreneurship within the programme.

“At Culineur, we determine to develop a new generation of culinary professionals and innovators who lead the way to the kitchens of tomorrow. With that in mind, we join hand with the EHL Advisory Services, the largest Swiss hospitality advisory company and a division of the EHL Group. We can thereby draw on the expertise of the prestigious École Hôtelière de Lausanne, to ensure that we have the leading team of experts in the development of educational models and quality assurance for our school. Also, our students will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and mindset to become successful chefs and restaurateurs while possessing an intimate understanding of the culinary industry, its trends and future needs,” said Antony Osborne, Managing Director of Culineur.

Located on the 5th floor of Emporium Department Store, one of the largest and most stylish lifestyle malls in central Bangkok, Culineur offers a broad range of diploma programmes to ensure a career jumpstart for aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs.

Culineur also offers a diverse selection of short courses certified by Thailand’s Ministry of Education, ranging from four-hour fun classes to weekend workshops and intensive seven-day business programmes; these courses are based on a wide range of highly relevant topics.

“Besides coursework, we value the high standard of Swiss educational model where students must get the taste of experiential learning. Our campus offers four classrooms, a beverage tasting room, six large demonstration kitchens as well as four food and beverage outlets: Garnish – a full-service restaurant, the grab n’ go style Flavours, Glaze – a bakery and pastry shop and Glaze Cafe, an artisan coffee shop. Throughout the programme, our students will get the opportunity to learn and work in all of these areas and work alongside our instructors and our staff in a real-world business setting,” added Antony

For enquiries or schedule a school tour, contact 02-090-2808, or www.culineur.net

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