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ZEN restaurant celebrates the happiness moment with special menu “New Year Matsuri”

ZEN restaurant launches special menu “New Year Matsuri” to celebrate the happy occasion. The special menu includes New Year Matsuri Platter, Lobster sashimi, Salmon Kanpai, Kanimiso Chahan, Special Negitoro Temaki and Kushiyaki Moriawase, that are special created for customers to fulfil the happiness moment will start from 16 November, 2019 to 20 January, 2020 at ZEN restaurants nationwide.
The New Year Matsuri Platter’s price is 1,350 Baht. The premium sushi and sashimi set is made from the best quality ingredients, especially freshly sourced for you. Moreover, with 10 sushi including engawa, negitoro, salmon, tuna, unagi and fresh sashimi including salmon, tuna, tako, sea bass, lobster with tobiko topping, and salmon roe.

The Lobster sashimi price is 760 Baht, tasty lobster with great topping with tobiko to fulfill the delicious.

Salmon Kanpai is priced at 720 Baht. This special is for the salmon lovers: start with 5 salmon maki, 4 salmon sashimi, 4 salmon aburi, 3 salmon toro and salmon ikura.

The Kanimiso Chahan’s price is 450 Baht: Japanese fried rice with Kanimiso served with fried soft-shell crab, topped with tobiko, ikura and kanimiso.

Special Negitoro Temaki is priced at 395 Baht, sushi rice mixed with shio kombu topping with tuna, negitoro, avocado and tobiko. Wrapped with Japanese seaweed.

Kushiyaki Moriawase price is 350 Baht, including ‘Tsukune’, chicken topped with dry fish and Aonori. Yakitori is grilled chicken topped with scallion and oba. Salmon Kushiyaki grilled salmon with salt and Tamagoyaki Tamago Kushiyaki grilled tamago with mayonnaise topped
with tobiko.

For more information please visit our facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Zenjapaneserestaurant/ Instagram: @Zen_restaurant Line: @Zenrestaurant

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