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ZEN Restaurant introduces a new campaign “Fish Mania”

Zen Japanese restaurant is known for selecting top quality fish. The restaurant is now making sure to reflect this in their slogan —  “Think of fish, think of ZEN.” Zen will be seen launching a new menu, Fish Mania which will serve a variety of fish to fitness lovers. The new menu will be available from the 1st of September 2019 until the 15th of November 2019 at all ZEN restaurants.

Gindara Saikyo Set (620 Baht) is for customers who prefer the taste of the Gindara fish. This white and tender fish is marinated with miso sauce then grilled on Hoba leaf. Served in a set with carrots, ginkgo, mushrooms, Hijiki, Wargame, and asparagus it also comes with Japanese rice and miso soup.

The Salmon Saikyo Set (340 Baht) is for salmon lovers. Customers will enjoy salmon marinated with miso sauce then grilled on Hoba leaf. It is served with carrots, ginkgo, mushrooms, Hijiki, Wargame, and asparagus to compliment the healthy nutritious taste.  Japanese rice and miso soup are also included in the set.

Spice lovers should try the SALMON SUZUKI SALAD YUM (250 Baht). This menu item includes a spicy salad with salmon and seabass sashimi topping with tobiko.  It will come with a spicy dressing and fresh vegetables. This option will be a perfect meal for someone looking for a healthy meal with a hint of spice.

Super Mixed Tempura (190 Baht) set includes Kisu, shrimp, vegetables and soba tempura. It will be served with Japanese style dipping sauce and is good for people who love their food fried!

CRUNCHY RAINBOW ROLL (280 Baht) includes a sushi roll with crispy salmon skin on the inside. This menu will also have 4 pieces of sashimi including salmon, eel, maguro and white seabass topped with salmon roe and a special sauce.

Lastly, the SEVEN OCEAN (680 Baht) menu will have fresh sashimi made with fresh salmon, salmon aburi, salmon toro, makura, white seabass, shime saba and other varieties of seafood like tako, hokkigai, and ama-ebi. This menu is created especially for sashimi lovers.

Try the variety of fish menu at ZEN restaurants nationwide. “Think of fish, think of ZEN”

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