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Summer Happiness with “UNAGI SUMMER VIBES” 3 creative menus from On the Table, Tokyo Café especially for this summer

On the Table, Tokyo Café has organized a surprise for this summer, inviting everyone to fill up and be full with the campaign Unagi Summer Vibes – Special menus made from quality ingredients such as Unagi (fresh water eels) that have the perfect ratio of meat and fat that Japanese people so love to eat during the summer season. On the Table has created 3 special menus to bring this special eating experience during this summer season according to the Japanese belief that eels are delectable and that they provide extra energy to the body as well.

Starting with the first menu, the Unagi Surprise Box (rice with Unagi) priced at 690 บาท is a specially baked rice box with Unagi which is a special recipe of On the Table which smells great with hints of spice and packed tightly with large pieces of grilled Unagi that has crispy skin on top and soft meat underneath. It is sprinkled with Sansho (Japanese ground pepper) that helps to increase the flavor served with 2 hot miso soup bowls (for 2 people).

The second menu is the Crunchy Unagi Rolls priced at 360 Baht, which is comprised of large bites of sushi maki such as cucumber rolls that are placed on top of crunchy tempura infused with shrimp eggs and topped with a great smelling cream cheese sauce and a long piece of Unagi that tastes great together and provides energy to the eater as well.

The third menu is the Crispy Unagi Summer Salad priced at 320 Baht that is filled with goodness and is refreshing. The salad is fresh and vibrantly colored with different vegetables with a hint of sweet and sour from diced mangoes. Eaten with Unagi dipped in a thin layer of flour and fried in bite-sized morsels which are crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. The salad is then topped with a clear Yusu salad sauce that smells great and is refreshing, which is a special recipe of On the Table.

In order to complete the great refreshing taste offered by these three menus, there are also special mango dessert and drink menus that complement these menus. On the Table has created these menus in the Tokyo Café style especially for this summer season.

The Mellow Mango Waffle priced at 160 Baht is a special recipe created by On the Table served with diced Nam Dokmai Mango topped with a sweet refreshing mango sauce. It is eaten with a smooth mango pudding and custard sauceใ The Mango Berry Popsicle priced at 150 Baht is a combination of mango and mixed berries that is sweet and refreshing. Add soda to the mix and top it with fruity ice cream and fresh mangoes and it becomes a cooling drink that chases away the summer heat. These desserts and drinks are sure to be satisfying and addictive for people with a sweet tooth. Especially for On the Table members, you will be able to use 20 points to receive a 20% discount for these two menus immediately.

“UNAGI SUMMER VIBES” is ready and waiting to be served so you can taste the flavors and refresh yourselves until June 2nd 2019 at *every branch of On the Table, Tokyo Café. For more information on campaigns and the latest news please go to Facebook: www.facebook.com/OntheTableTokyoCafe,
Instagram: @onthetabletokyocafe, and Line: @onthetable

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