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Survey: Australians praise home conservation efforts

Australians are appreciative of Australia’s sustainability and conservation efforts. The home market is the top choice by Australian respondents in Agoda’s Sustainable Impact Survey 2023 when asked to name countries that do well in terms of sustainability and conservation efforts. On an international scale it’s Japan that receives the most recognition from Australian respondents.   

When asked to name markets that do well in terms of sustainability and conservation, respondents from eleven markets across Asia Pacific cited Japan in top place in Agoda’s Sustainable Impact Survey 2023, followed by Singapore, South Korea, and Australia in second, third and fourth spots respectively.

Australians aren’t the only ones with some local pride: On average, participants from all countries placed their nation within their top three.  Besides Australia, respondents from six other markets also gave their home country the highest rating, namely India, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, and Japan.

The publication of the survey marks the start of Agoda’s Eco Deals campaign, which aims to raise USD 250,000 for WWF’s marine and forest conservation initiatives across India and Southeast Asia.

“Sustainability is clearly on the public’s mind, with many aware of the environmental measures being taken in their home country as well abroad,” said Enric Casals, Regional Vice-President Southeast Asia and Oceania at Agoda. “In addition, travellers are looking for ways to minimize their ecological footprints while making a positive impact on the places they visit. Agoda’s Eco Deals program aims to facilitate these initiatives by giving travellers the opportunity to support conservation initiatives simply by booking an Eco Deal accommodation.” 

Agoda Sustainable Impact Survey 2023
Top three eco-friendly destinations according to market
Market #1 #2 #3
Singapore Japan Singapore Australia
Japan Japan Australia Singapore
Korea Korea Australia Singapore
Thailand Thailand Japan Singapore
Indonesia Indonesia Japan Singapore
Taiwan Japan Taiwan Singapore
Australia Australia Japan Singapore
Viet Nam Viet Nam Japan Singapore
India India Japan Singapore
Philippines Japan Philippines Singapore
Malaysia Japan Singapore Malaysia

Eco Deals campaign aims to donate USD 250,000 to WWF initiatives

This year, accommodation partners from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India join those from the 2022 campaign in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines to participate in the Eco Deals initiative. The donations will fund marine and wildlife conservation programs in the participating countries, ranging from prevention of wildlife trade trafficking in Singapore, restoring deforested areas in Indonesia, and supporting elephant conservation in Thailand.

Australian travellers can support the Eco Deals campaign by visiting https://www.agoda.com/EcoDeals or by booking properties that showcase the Eco Deals badge on Agoda’s website or app. For each booking, Agoda donates a dollar to the WWF’s marine and forest conservation initiatives, and travellers enjoy a discount of up to 15%. The campaign runs until 2 September 2023, or before if the target amount of USD 250,000 is raised.

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