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10.10 Hot Pick: Centara Offers Free Spending Money with Baht Booster Programme

Centara Hotels & Resorts, Thailand’s leading hotel operator, is making a splash this 10.10 by offering guests up to THB 25,000 in extra spending money for participating Centara restaurants, bars, and spas with their exclusive Baht Booster programme – for free.

This offer gives guests the opportunity to receive up to 50% on-top added value at no additional cost when making a deposit with Centara Hotels & Resorts. Participating Thai credit cardholders simply make a deposit and Centara will send a digital card with a ‘Free Boost’ of THB 300 – 25,000 depending on the deposited amount. This extra credit can be used at a variety of hotel and resort outlets for 12 months from the date of purchase.

For more information or to purchase your own 10.10 Hot Pick: Baht Booster programme, please visit: https://www.centarahotelsresorts.com/10-10-hot-pick

Here is a breakdown of the ‘Free Boost’ guests will receive based on the deposit amount:

Deposit (THB)    Free Boost (THB)     Guests Enjoy (THB)

2,000                    300                              2,300

5,000                   1,250                            6,250

10,000                 2,500                           12,500

20,000                 6,000                           26,000

30,000                10,000                          40,000

40,000                17,000                          57,000

50,000                25,000                          75,000

To learn more about Centara Hotels & Resorts, please visit: www.centarahotelsresorts.com.

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