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126th Canton Fair Shows Recovery of the Textile Market

Phase 3 of the 126th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)featured more than 9000 cloths and textile stands covering children’s wear, underwear, accessories, sports and casual wear, men’s and women’s clothes, raw materials and home textiles, where Chinese companies have shown their raising capability in global operation, smart manufacturing and new product development. China’s complete industrial chain from spinning, weaving, dyeing to garment processing, has formed strong competitiveness which drives textile trade recovery.

Carpet Sales Spikes Against Market Uncertainty

Artweaver is one of several companies that have received export wins at the Fair. The carpet company, whose product has won a Canton Fair Design Award, has merged elements from the native American culture with its denim fabric in its new impressionism-style carpet. Artweaver generated an intended turnover of USD 1.5 million in the first two days at the Canton Fair.

Kent Zheng, General Manager of Artweaver, noted that the company’s efforts in design and branding helped win sales for more than 11 years at the Canton Fair. The company has also met customer demand by finding up to date market insights at the fair.

Another professional carpet supplier, Sunrise Carpet, has received potential turnover of over USD 2 million through their flame-retardant silk and cotton blended carpets.

Home Textiles Companies Discover New Market Opportunities

In addition to innovative design concepts, companies are also looking for new materials.

Xique, a towel manufacturer who has seen sales growth at the Canton Fair over the last two years, brought its new CF Award-winning bamboo charcoal towel. The durable towel, made of bamboo charcoal fiber, can thoroughly clean pores and wash away dirt for a fresh experience.

“Canton Fair is a platform where returned buyers can no longer visit the factory but to pick up product samples on-site”, Yuanhui Lin, the company’s manager, explained on their participation in the Canton Fair over decades, “This will help a lot for companies to establish business relationships and raise brand awareness with partners.”

Lin also noted that the company has covered developed markets such as Japan, Russia, Thailand, Singapore and Canada, and is adding new categories to its product line too by introducing pillows to this year’s Canton Fair.

“Textile is a pillar of China’s trade with business partners. An incubator for small and medium-sized companies and an engine for market leaders, the Canton Fair has helped many textile companies have fruitful results at this edition, and we encourage our exhibitors to utilize our event to present new products and new technologies as well as to expand their market,” said Alan Liu, Deputy Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office at Canton Fair.

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