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$15K Pledge Boosts Cambodia’s Million Tree Mission!

Khiri Reach - logoIn an unprecedented move of environmental philanthropy, Khiri Reach, the philanthropic arm of Khiri Travel, has announced a significant commitment to ecological restoration in Cambodia. With a generous donation of $15,000 to the One Million Tree project, Khiri Reach sets a new standard for corporate responsibility in the travel industry. This project, spearheaded by Wildlife Alliance, aims to rejuvenate the devastated landscapes of the Cardamom Mountains, once ravaged by illegal logging and land grabbing.

The One Million Tree initiative is not just about planting trees; it’s a holistic approach to restoring an ecosystem. The project seeks to breathe new life into areas that have suffered from deforestation by reintroducing hundreds of thousands of indigenous tree saplings. This reforestation effort is critical for preserving the Southern Cardamom mountains’ unique biodiversity, including the world’s last unfragmented Asian elephant corridor. The environmental stakes could not be higher, as the area is a crucial habitat for countless mammals, birds, insects, and plants.

Khiri Reach’s involvement in this project goes beyond financial support. The initiative is a testament to the organization’s commitment to sustainable travel and environmental stewardship. By engaging guests in carbon offset and nature regeneration initiatives, Khiri Travel fosters a responsible tourism culture. The funds raised for this donation reflect travellers’ growing awareness and willingness to contribute to meaningful conservation efforts.

The reforestation project is meticulously managed, with saplings initially nurtured in a nursery near Chi Phat village in Koh Kong province. This careful cultivation ensures that the young trees can thrive when replanted on the previously cleared lands. The expanded capacity of the nursery, facilitated by Khiri Reach’s donation, allows cultivating up to 265,000 saplings under optimal conditions. These efforts underscore the project’s goal: to restore the forest’s ecological balance, mitigate climate change impacts, and protect the area from further environmental degradation.

Suwanna Gauntlett, the founder and CEO of Wildlife Alliance, has praised Khiri Reach’s contribution, highlighting the importance of such partnerships in achieving large-scale conservation goals. The project revitalises the land and empowers local communities by providing employment opportunities in nursery and reforestation activities. This symbiotic relationship between conservation efforts and community development is a blueprint for future projects.

The One Million Tree project stands as a beacon of hope in the face of environmental challenges. It represents a concerted effort to address the scars of illegal deforestation and to pave the way for a sustainable future. Khiri Reach and Wildlife Alliance’s collaboration is a powerful reminder of the impact committed organizations can have on the planet’s health. As this project grows, it invites others to protect and restore our natural world.

For further details on how to support this and other conservation initiatives, visit KhiriReach.org. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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