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2021 Bangkok Design Week Opens

The world looks to leave the pandemic behind in 2021, and new lifestyle of the post-pandemic era has become one topic people are most concerned with. This year’s Bangkok Design Week simultaneously opens online and offline exhibitions, hoping to convey through the theme of “Resurgence of Possibilities” whether design can effectively help the world to reboot in the post-pandemic age.

Bangkok Design Week has always been a major annual event of the Southeast Asian design communities, transforming design into real power and action to display Bangkok‘s diverse ways of living. This year, Taiwan Design Research Institute receives a special invitation from the organizer, and plans to participate in the exhibition using the brand “Taiwan Design Power” and showcase the possible new needs and their possibilities of continued development in our life after the pandemic through the theme of “The Future of Sustainability.” In correspondence with the theme announced by Bangkok Design Week, the Taiwan Pavilion specially combines sustainability and circular topics to showcase Taiwan’s soft power, while also exhibiting ways to respond to a future full of changes.

This exhibition features works including: re-PET Bag by Dot Design, Sunspa UV folding sterilizer by Vogito, Closet UVC Sterilizer by Airmate, iCeramic Tableware Set by MINIWIZ, Recycled glass Float Cup by Spring Pool Glass, StyroCycle Keyboard & Mouse by LITE-ON Technology, and Multy 11AX device by Zyxel, displaying how, in a wide range of industries, such as electronics, home appliances, furniture, and daily necessities, Taiwan utilizes circular principles and recycled materials for innovative designs, simultaneously satisfying consumers’ demands, meeting eco-friendly expectations, and creating future business opportunities.

In correspondence with Bangkok Design Week, the Taiwan Pavilion will take place from June 12th to July 31st at Thailand Creative & Design Center, and is projected to attract over 10,000 visitors. Despite continued influences of the pandemic this year, we are able to break international barriers through connections of design and creativity, and make use of international curating to also showcase the charm of Taiwan’s design, allowing Taiwan Design Power to continually converse with the world and make our voices heard.

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