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42 Bangkok reveals 2022 education trend “No tuition, no teachers no degree” and produces “Excellent Programmers” to spearhead the Thai digital industry

42 Bangkok, a world-class programmer institute under the supervision of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), points out the trend of teaching in the new era in 2022 “No tuition, no teachers, no degree” and is ready to accept both Thai and international students who are interested for the first on-site programme.

The programme focuses on creating high-potential programmers to drive business and digital industries, as findings indicate that the overall industry value is likely to be as high as 800 million baht. There are six steps in applying: 1. Knowledge Test, 2. Foundation of programming, 3. Internships with leading organisations, 4. In-depth programming, 5. Apprenticeship evaluation, and 6. Course completion. This programme aims to equip students with two essential skills necessary for working and socialising (Hard Skill & Soft Skill) such as algorithms and AI skills, choosing a programming language, interpersonal communication abilities and creativity. Students can choose to study across 10 areas of specialty in technology, including cybersecurity and data science.

The open house for 42 Bangok Institute’s on-site classroom was recently held at the Central Library of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL). For more information, please contact 42 Bangkok at 02 329 8000 ext. 7480 or receive further updates via Facebook page: www.facebook.com/42Bangkok or Website: www.42bangkok.com

Professor Dr. Chaiyan Jayantanasen, Director of 42 Bangkok, revealed that 42 Bangkok, a world-class programmer institute under the supervision of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) was established to tap into the growth movements of the Thai digital industry by growing the potential of programmers to drive Thailand’s business sector and digital industry. Open to both Thai and international students, the institute showcases a new teaching method modelled after the original institute “Ecole 42” from Paris, France under the concept of “No tuition, no teacher, no degree”. The teaching method has attracted the attention of more than 100,000 programmers worldwide per year. Moreover, students can choose their own study time 24 hours a day, anywhere they want by just logging in via an iMac.

42 Bangkok’s application process and curriculum are divided into 6 steps as follows:

1. Knowledge Test (The Piscine) a 4-week intensive course in basic programming that focuses on problem solving and the participation of peers to analyse the work; 2. Fundamentals of programming (Basics of Programming) divided into Level 1-7; 3. Internship with leading organizations (First Internship) first internship after 7-Level completion; 4. In-depth programming (Mastering Programming) various specialised fields covering Level 8-21 such as Cyber Security, AI, Website, Application; 5. Appraisal (Final Internship & Part Time) upon reaching Level 14 and passing the first apprenticeship assessment, an internship in a chosen field is necessary; and 6. Course completion (Reach level 21 or find a job) after the internship, students can choose to complete 21 Levels or enter the workforce

These steps are to provide learners with two important skills: 1. ‘Hard Skill’ – professional skills necessary for work, such as learning the basics of algorithms and AI (Algorithms & AI), managing databases (DB & Data), Practice System Programming in various languages in either Go/Golang, Python, Ruby, learn parallel computing, gather real work experience and learn about cybersecurity; 2. ‘Soft Skill’ – social skills such as verbal & written communication, organisation, self-awareness/understanding, group and interpersonal communications, and adaptation and creativity.

These skills can equip students with a strong foundation and allow them to choose a specific career path across 10 different fields, including AI, cybersecurity, mobile applications, gaming, network and cloud, cryptography, advanced secure data entry and decryption, computer graphics, website, data analysis with advanced techniques or data science and system administration. These careers are in demand amongst many leading businesses and organisations that aim to drive their business with digital technology such as CFP Company Limited (CFP), CDG Systems Company Limited (CDG), Lineman Wongnai (LINEMAN Wongnai) or Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

According to the forecast data on the value of the Thai digital industry in 2022, it is likely to grow as high as 800 billion baht (data: Digital Economy Promotion Agency “DEPA”, September 2021), which reflects the growing demand for digital business and industry for highly skilled and competent workers. On the other hand, the salary rate of Thai employees in 2021 (Salary Report 2021) by JobsDB (Thailand) Co., Ltd. indicates the base salary of IT jobs from the level of officers, supervisors, managers and executives is within the range of 23,000 – 105,000 baht. On the contrary, the base salary abroad is found as high as 90,750 – 133,750 US dollars, or equivalent to THB 2,992,708.13 – 4,412,412.50 (Source: Demand 10 Tech Jobs) in 2022 from CIO ASEAN, a technology organisation in ASEAN, Assistant Professor Dr. Chaiyan concluded.

Associate Professor Dr. Anuwat Changwanich Lert, Acting President of KMITL, added that “The highlight of studying at 42 Bangkok is the focus on crucial topics without spending time studying unnecessary courses. You can also choose your own study time if you intend to complete the course within a 1-year period and start working immediately.” At present, the “Tech Jobs” group plays an important role in driving businesses and digital organisations and is also a career field that is highly valued worldwide. This is because the advancement in the IT and digital technology resulted in organisations, both nationally and internationally, are adapting to become a “Digital organisation” as well as the implementation of government policies that have driven the economy with digital technologies. KMITL seeks to apply technology in diverse purposes, including application to real-work usage, integration as part of new research and the introduction of new courses in programmes related to digital technologies including CMKL University to produce personnel with expertise in digital technologies, driving the industrial sector in various dimensions.

In addition, at the open house of the first on-Site classroom, “Company Talk Session” activity was held to exchange views and opportunities for coding in business operations in the digital era, led by Mr. Thiraphong Wichayaruengrom, Deputy Managing Director of Strategy and Digital Transformation of CFP Company Limited (CFP); Mr. Athiphat Jarurojananan, Assistant General Manager, Defense Innovation (DFI) of CDG Systems Company Limited (CDGS);  Mr. Phat Raawut Suesattayasilp, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of LINEMAN Wongnai; Mr. Apichart Sajpong, Client Technology Lead Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; and Dr. Panrapee Rapiphan, academic and news anchor who gave inspiration talks on IT and computers, Associate Professor Dr. Anuwat concluded.

The open house for 42 Bangok Institute’s on-site classroom was recently held at the Central Library of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL). For more information, please contact 42 Bangkok at 02 329 8000 ext. 7480 or receive further updates via Facebook page: www.facebook.com/42Bangkok or Website: www.42bangkok.com

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