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5 Things that make Virgin Active more than just a Gym

When it comes to fitness or gyms, most people tend to think of a place dedicated solely for exercise. Thus, fitness centers are often synonymous with exhaustion and stress, leaving some people intimidated or dread going to the gym all together.

Therefore, to reinforce the importance of a holistic approach to health and fitness, Virgin Active, the world’s leading health club, offers services that extend beyond any ordinary fitness club. This includes exclusive amenities that many may not know of before that you can indulge in pre or post workout, or even just to change your work scenery and socialize with new friends at the club.

We all have different interests, needs, and fitness goals. Therefore, Virgin Active offers a wide range of classes, facilities and equipment that all members can enjoy such as Cardio Zone, Cycling, Yoga, Grid Training, Boxing, Les Mills as well as the highly popular Reformer Pilates. In addition to a wide variety of classes, Virgin Active also offers other zones and activities that cater to all fitness needs to encourage everyone to create fulfilling experiences in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Moreover, many of people may not know that Virgin Active offers more than just fitness classes to build muscles, flexibility and strength, but the club also values the importance of recovery as well as other physical skills that extend beyond general exercises most clubs offer.

Himalayan Salt Room

Himalayan salt is a miracle of nature and is considered the best salt in the world. Additionally, the Himalayan salt is rich in various minerals and has not undergone any processing to maximize and maintain the benefits of its minerals to the full extent. Thus, Virgin Active is utilizing this type of salt to use in the Himalayan Salt Room with the main goal of creating a relaxing atmosphere with fresh air where members can relax and detox the body as well as open their pores for flawless and glowing skin. Not only that, but the Himalayan Salt room can also help improve sleep and facilitate breathing as well.

Sleep Pods

Amidst the chaos of the outside world, finding a place to rest your eyes or a comfortable and ergonomically correct bed can prove to be a challenge. Virgin Active realizes the importance of sleep, rest and recharging your body to the fullest, thus, the club offers Sleep Pods as a solution to all your restoration needs. A 20-minute nap in the Sleep Pod will improve your body’s physiology, resulting in a deep and restorative sleep.

Meeting Room and CO-Working Space

In addition to the fitness facilities, Virgin Active also offers an option to keep your schedule seamless throughout the day with meeting rooms and co-working spaces within the club so that you can start your morning fresh or end your action-packed day in the same convenient location.

Rock Climbing Wall

Extreme sports are a great alternative to help stimulate adrenaline and keep your blood pumping. At the same time, these sports can also help break a good sweat, build muscle and push your strength to the limits. Conventionally, most climbing walls still require the assistance of trainers to help guide and anchor the rope as well as regulating the safety for all participants. Alternately, Virgin Active offers self-service, automated rock climbing so that participants can climb by themselves after being tested according to standards by Virgin Active experts. Additionally, participants can also flexibly choose their own time slots without having to coordinate with the trainer’s schedules.

Pools and Jacuzzi

After exercise, leisurely swimming and soaking in the jacuzzi can offer the ultimate refreshment for your body. These two things may sound normal, but the hidden specialty is that Virgin Active’s jacuzzi comes with jet streams to help relax your body and muscles at the same time. More than that, Virgin Active also has an indoor pool and heated or temperature-controlled pools so that everyone can exercise and relax at the same time.

Membership fees are already inclusive of all activities and facilities as mentioned. Whereby, members can indulge and enjoy exercises or relax with all the activities that Virgin Active has to offer for the same price. Exclusively this March, Virgin Active is waiving entry fees for all new members, along with a 50% discount until Songkran for annual memberships. For more information, visit all Virgin Active branches and online via www.virginactive.co.th and Facebook @VirginActiveThailand and Instagram @VirginActiveThailand.

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