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Agoda’s GoLocal survey: Thais are most likely to travel domestically; Chiang Mai ranks the most popular destination

Thailand (78%), Indonesia (76%), and the USA (74%) are the top three contenders most keen to travel domestically, according to the GoLocal Travel survey for digital travel platform Agoda (http://www.agoda.com/?site_id=1811392). Half of Thai respondents are ready to travel, slightly below global average at 58%. The most popular destinations for their next trips are Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Hua Hin.

Agoda’s GoLocal survey reveals three-fifths of travelers are ready and willing to pack their bags and head on a trip with travelers in Vietnam (87%), Indonesia (78%) and Taiwan (59%) leading the pack. Overall, 65% of travelers would like to take domestic trips in the next 12 months, while 35% would want to travel abroad.

Travel Distances

In this new world of travel, the GoLocal survey found that 41% of travelers from Thailand are most comfortable traveling up to three to four hours, comparable with the global average of 46%. This is followed by traveling for two hours or less (36%), the highest globally. Flights is the transport of choice for 50% of Thai travelers, with self-drive at 41% the highest among all markets surveyed, almost double the global average of 28%.

Meanwhile globally, over a quarter of travelers are most comfortable only traveling two hours or less. In the US and Taiwan, a mere 14% and 15% would be comfortable traveling up to two hours, with travelers from these markets the first and third most likely to be comfortable to travel five to eight hours too (25% US, 22% Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 19% Taiwan). Unsurprisingly given its vastness, Aussie travelers were most likely to be comfortable traveling over eight hours to their destination. Self-Driving is the transport of choice for 28% of travelers globally, with flights leading the way with 57% of travelers preferring air travel.

Go Local and Explore

Despite the lockdown or maybe because of it, travelers are mostly looking for ‘Quiet and Relaxing,’ ‘Food & Drinks’ and ‘Famous Attractions’ for their next adventure. That might explain the trend for people to be more interested in traveling to beach destinations (37%), followed by countryside nature at 30%, with cities still an attraction for 16% of travelers. Thai travelers favor Beach (38%) the most, with Nature (36%) trailing behind.

South Koreans (34%), Thai and Taiwanese travelers (30%) were most excited to travel for some peace and quiet. While Shopping ranked low at less than one in 10 for global travelers’ priorities, this rises to one in five for travelers from Saudi Arabia who are looking for retail therapy on their next trip.

“The appetite for travel has not diminished, in fact it has become stronger. Domestic travel now tops the list, with more people keen to explore their own region or country, staying local, and taking trips with traveling distances of less than four hours,” said Errol Cooke, Agoda’s Vice President of Partner Services.

“Cities will need to do more to attract the domestic traveler to fill the gap left by international travelers who spend most of their time in gateway destinations. By contrast, there is an opportunity for more regional destinations with great beaches or access to nature and the open countryside to benefit from this growing travel trend, and for travelers to visit these destinations to help support local communities impacted by recent travel restrictions.

Our GoLocal campaign gives keen travelers an opportunity to discover treasures closer to home at even more compelling prices than usual. Whether it is enjoying waves against your feet, getting lost in nature or café-hopping across urban cityscapes you seek, Agoda has got you covered,” continued Errol Cooke. 

Stay Preferences

What is not to love about a little pampering while away? Four and Five-star hotels top the list of accommodation options for next trips, followed by resorts. Meanwhile the most popular facilities travelers are looking for are in-house entertainment, private kitchens and pool facilities are top priorities, reflecting social distancing trends.

The Agoda GoLocal Survey was commissioned as part of Agoda’s GoLocal campaign to support domestic and local tourism by encouraging travelers to safely explore their own back yard. Agoda.com/golocal (https://www.agoda.com/golocal/?site=id1811392) offers fabulous discounts of up to 25% off accommodation across markets globally.

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