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Agoda’s Wholesale Solutions: Hotel Distribution Revolution!

Agoda, Booking Holdings’ Asian headquartered digital travel platform, known for its strategic partnership solutions and white-label product, has now leveraged its expertise to create a forward thinking wholesale distribution platform. Recognizing the critical need for transparency and hotel partner control in the wholesale distribution space, Agoda’s innovative solution fills the current gap in the market by ensuring hotel chains, who determine their rates and distribution parameters, can now gain visibility and easily maintain control of their inventory.

Pioneering technology enables Agoda to offer an agile and customizable wholesale distribution solution that equips hotel chains to detect and track where rates are shared through an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard that is managed by hotel chains. This level of visibility empowers hotel chains to choose which suppliers access their inventory.

Agoda’s platform also helps to maximize revenue growth for hotel chains by providing visibility and transparency around rates. Agoda provides its partners direct access to valuable booking and market insights, which can be used to support informed decision-making to optimize volume and rates. Uniquely, Agoda’s wholesale distribution product is first-of-its-kind that offers a transparent and agile product that gives hotel chains the ability to track how distributors are consuming their rates and inventory with increased clarity.

Damien Pfirsch, Chief Commercial Officer at Agoda, explains, “With our wholesale distribution product we address the pain points that abound in hotel chains around visibility and effective revenue management. Our tailor-made technology-led solution affords hotel partners more control over how, where and when inventory is consumed. As a result, our partners have the flexibility to be more dynamic with pricing, adjusting rates as demand or supply patterns change. Uniquely, partners also gain visibility – at all times and in real time – as to  the source and volume  of bookings. This knowledge model approach – sharing intelligence by equipping our partners with essential and timely data, ensures they have greater ability  to manage revenue. Forging a trusted partnership based on continually improving the intelligence of both parties is the truest way to do business. If I were on the side of the chain, I would expect nothing less. At Agoda, we firmly believe in endowing our partners with the necessary data and insights to succeed.”

The platform offers a valuable range of features, including sales monitoring, rate control analysis and optimization, partner-specific campaigns, seamless partner onboarding, and customized solutions tailored to specific requirements. Through this innovation, Agoda aims to deepen its relationship with its global hotel partners and ease the complex process of distribution.

“As part of Booking Holdings, we have an extensive and valuable global B2B network and we were able to build a tech solution that enables us to enhance inventory utilization and best support our partners’ distribution needs,” Pfirsch added.

Agoda, a digital travel platform, helps anyone see the world for less with its great value deals on a global network of 3.6M hotels and holiday properties worldwide, plus flights, airport transfers, and more. Agoda.com and the Agoda mobile app are available in 39 languages and supported by 24/7 customer support.

Headquartered in Singapore, Agoda is part of Booking Holdings (Nasdaq: BKNG) and employs more than 6,600 staff in 31 markets, dedicated to leveraging best-in-class technology to make travel even easier.

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