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NIVEA Supports Cancer Care with New Project

When it comes to patient care, it extends beyond medical treatment. It also involves compassion and understanding, especially in cases like cancer, which remains a prominent global cause of death. NIVEA, the world’s leading skincare brand trusted among Thai people for over 30 years, recognizes the importance of addressing not only the physical but also the emotional needs of patients. To provide comprehensive care for a better quality of life, NIVEA has launched the “NIVEA Supporting Moment of Care” project. For every NIVEA product sold at partner stores nationwide from now until 24th June 2024, one baht will be contributed to the Thai Cancer Society, with a maximum total contribution of three million baht. The funds will support various activities focused on raising cancer awareness among patients and their families, promoting self-care practices, and organizing morale-boosting activities to empower both patients and caregivers in their battle against cancer.

This initiative stands as one of Beiersdorf’s global commitments and missions in acknowledging the challenges within the organization. Beiersdorf is dedicated to fostering a supportive work environment and cultivating a positive mindset among employees as the company provides encouragement and resources to help colleagues navigate difficult times, particularly when facing serious illnesses. This commitment is rooted in a company survey that revealed 46% of Beiersdorf employees face critical illnesses such as cancer but choose to keep this information private at work. Additionally, up to 64% of employees feel that critical illnesses carry a stigma in the workplace. In response, Beiersdorf is committed to finding solutions that promote a healthy work-life balance for affected employees and their support networks.

On World Cancer Day 2023, Beiersdorf collaborated with partners to introduce the “Working with Cancer Pledge” initiative. One year later, this initiative evolved into the Global Critical Illness Policy, setting essential fundamental standards for all Beiersdorf employees worldwide. This policy guarantees that employees and their family members diagnosed with cancer, or other life-threatening illnesses receive fair and comprehensive support and protection at work. This includes access to necessary treatments and job security for up to one year with full salary continuation.

Vincent Warnery, CEO of Beiersdorf AG said “At Beiersdorf, the well-being and health of our employees are of utmost importance. A life-threatening illness is an experience like no other both personally and professionally. No one should go through this journey feeling isolated, with concerns about their job, financial stability, or career development. I’m pleased that our global “Critical Illness Policy” enables us to provide assistance during these challenging times so that our employees can fully focus on their recovery. Care at Beiersdorf goes far beyond skin care and is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Embracing care and caring for one another is not just a responsibility, it is an act of humanity. This understanding motivates us to be there for you along the way.”

The “NIVEA Supporting Moment of Care” initiative was launched to provide support to cancer patients and their families across all ASEAN countries. This project is in line with Beiersdorf Ltd.’s core policy in Germany. In Thailand, NIVEA has committed to donating one baht per item from the sale of NIVEA products, totalling up to three million baht, to the Thai Cancer Society. These funds will be used to organize a variety of innovative activities aimed at enhancing the physical and mental well-being of cancer patients and their families. These activities include volunteering through the Friends of Cancer volunteer Line group, educational workshops on cancer care, discussion groups by medical experts and cancer survivors to offer guidance and encouragement, as well as handmade workshops to create thoughtful gifts for cancer patients. Additionally, NIVEA extends support to patients by facilitating travel for treatment and providing essential skincare products. As part of this support, NIVEA has donated 2,000 NIVEA blue tin creams, 5,000 NIVEA Hand Creams, and 5,000 NIVEA Lip Care to cancer patients under the care of the Thai Cancer Society and 11 other partner organizations nationwide.

Stephanie Barraud, Senior Vice President – MU ASEAN, Beiersdorf Co., Ltd. added that “The NIVEA Supporting Moment of Care program reflects our commitment to ‘Care Beyond Skin,’ which goes further providing high-quality skincare products. It serves as a guiding principle for sustainable business practices throughout our supply chain, prioritizing the well-being of consumers, the environment, and society. This ethos seamlessly aligns with our ‘Serious Illness’ policy, which extends welfare support to Beiersdorf employees worldwide and extends its reach to communities within ASEAN and Thailand. At NIVEA, our dedication extends beyond skin care. We prioritize nurturing the inner spirit, particularly during times of illness and adversity. Mental health is crucial during such periods, alongside the need for compassion and understanding from those around us. Through this initiative, our aim isn’t only to provide tangible support to cancer patients and their caregivers but also to empower them with the knowledge necessary for effective cancer care. Our ultimate goal is to bolster patients’ morale, equipping them with the resilience and determination needed to fight serious illnesses and pave the way toward a better quality of life ahead.”

Everyone has the ability to uplift spirits and show support to cancer patients. As you care for your skin with NIVEA products, empower yourself to move forward with strength. Be part of this project by simply purchasing NIVEA items from participating partner stores nationwide from now until 24th June 2024, NIVEA will donate one baht from each purchase to the Thai Cancer Society, offering encouragement to cancer patients and their families during difficult times.

Recognizing the importance of addressing challenges that impact people’s quality of life and well-being, NIVEA, under Beiersdorf (Thailand), remains committed to supporting healthcare initiatives in the country. The company contributed to various medical and public health efforts, including donating funds towards COVID-19 vaccine research and development at the Chula Vaccine Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. In addition, NIVEA also provided 20,000 liters of medical-grade alcohol to over 1,000 hospitals nationwide and distributed 86,000 special editions of NIVEA blue tin cream to medical personnel and hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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