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Ahsa Farmstay: Nature’s Sustainable Retreat

“Ahsa Farmstay” provides a unique homestay experience where visitors actively engage with nature and participate in hands-on farming activities. It’s a chance to immerse oneself in the vibrant rural lifestyle of Northern Thailand, known for its rich agricultural tradition.

The founders and managers, Im-Rasawan Kamwang, who boast previous experience with the tour company “Rungruk Jan Co., Ltd,” transformed a 100-rai (approximately 40 acres) plot of land in the Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai Province. Their vision was to create a community-centered tourist destination offering visitors a chance to truly engage with nature and local culture, all in a warm and familial atmosphere.

The name “Ahsa” embodies this vision, possessing positive connotations in multiple languages. In the local dialect, it means “life.” In Thai, it translates to “a person who selflessly benefits the public (volunteer),” and it echoes the Italian word “Casa,” meaning “home.”

Upon arrival at Ahsa Farmstay, guests are encouraged to become part of the farm family, a departure from standard tourist experiences. This unique approach allows visitors to not just consume but also understand and appreciate the effort that goes into preparing their meals.

TAT has invited international influencers residing in Thailand and journalists to experience Soft power and learn about the Chiang Rai lifestyle first-hand.

The farm covers 100 rai of land, utilizing organic farming practices. A wide variety of crops, including rice, are grown here, along with the rearing of egg-laying chickens and buffaloes. There are also rubber plantations, vegetable and flower gardens, and fish ponds. The farm boasts a large water reservoir that allows for year-round farming, leading to high-quality rice production that fetches 100 Baht per kilogram.

The team at Ahsa Farmstay, clad in traditional farmer’s attire, take on various roles such as gardeners, farmers, guides, and chefs. They introduce visitors to their organic and integrated agricultural practices. Guests can interact with the buffaloes, symbolizing a connection with a time when these animals played a significant role in farming, particularly in rice cultivation.

Engaging with Ahsa Farmstay allows city dwellers to distance themselves from the relentless pace of urban life and reconnect with nature. The experience fosters self-sufficiency and promotes a simpler way of life, relying on the farm’s bounty for meals and survival. Cooking classes are provided, where guests learn how to use fresh farm produce.

The tourist who come to stay here get an opportunity to take egg-laying chickens organic farm.

In essence, Ahsa Farmstay offers more than just a vacation. It provides an education about sustainable living, an appreciation of nature, and a unique opportunity to study the simple, peaceful life of farm dwellers.

Visitors can partake in various farming activities such as rice planting, rubber plantation carving, and learning about different farm animals and exotic fruits. Guests can also enjoy making Northern Thai food, soap crafting, and creating crafts with flowers and leaves.

“Stay Green, Feel Clean, and Relax” at Ahsa Farmstay. Rates start at 2,800 Baht per person for a 2-day, 1-night package, inclusive of three meals a day. For more information, visit www.ahsafarmstay.com.

Written By:  Prakaidown Baengsuntia

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