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AirAsia Thailand Receives Tourism Authority of Thailand’s SHA Certification Affirming Robust Health and Safety Standards

AirAsia Thailand, under the management of Thai AirAsia Company Limited, has received Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA) certification from executives of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Department of Health and the Ministry of Public Health in an affirmation of the strict health and safety measures observed on its every flight. The certification acknowledges the measures put in place  to prevent the spread of COVID-19,  and help restore  consumer confidence to travel again. 

Sqn.Ldr. Damrong Phaspipatkul, Director of Flight Operations for AirAsia Thailand, said  “As one of Thailand’s most popular airlines, AirAsia Thailand places the  utmost importance on the health and safety of our staff and guests from the ground to the cabin. We are thrilled to receive this certification following numerous new processes and innovations that we have implemented over recent times to make flying not only safe and affordable, but also more hygenic and contactless at the same time.”

Throughout the ongoing  COVID-19 pandemic, the airline has continued to  intensify health and safety measures and ensure they are practised consistently.  Prior to every flight, guests are instructed to wear face masks throughout their entire journey, are subjected to a temperature screening, physically distanced and provided with alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Technological solutions have been deployed  to further reduce contact, including online check-in, as well as contactless boarding pass and baggage tag printing at self check-in kiosks. Information is provided in each key area of the airport updating passengers on their flight details, and shuttles from the guest arrival terminal to the boarding gates have had their capacity limited to reduce crowding. Inflight, boarding and disembarkation procedures have been revised using a zone system to reduce crowding, cabin crew wear masks and gloves at all times and food and beverage service has been suspended.

Furthermore, all AirAsia Thailand airplanes are equipped with HEPA filters providing hospital grade air filtration to safeguard against dust, viruses and bacteria.   Disinfection of cabins, lavatories, shuttles and service counters is undertaken regularly.

“Essential travellers who need to travel during this period of Covid-19 restrictions can do so with confidence as Thai AirAsia maintains strict health and safety measures on all of its flights and at all terminals from which it operates.  We will never drop our guard” Sqn.Ldr. Damrong assured.

Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration is an integration of operations between the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand and Ministry of Public Health via its Department of Disease Control, Department of Health and Department of Health Service Support along with cooperation from the private sector, with the aim of elevating standards and confidence in the tourism industry and mitigating risk from COVID-19.  SHA certification signifies that an operator has upgraded, altered and developed its products and services in the interest of health and with a focus on public health.

In addition, AirAsia Group has been recently awarded the top 7/7 stars for all airlines in the Group for Covid-19 health and safety measures by the aviation experts at airlineratings.com following recent innovations to ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards are maintained at all times.  See article here for more information AirAsia Tops Covid-19 Ratings

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