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Airbnb turns your destiny into a destination

If you get too lazy to plan your holiday, fret not. Airbnb has looked into Thailand’s booking data and recommended trending destination and travel habits… based on their zodiac sign! This year, Airbnb redefines your travel by helping you belong. Whether you decide to stay in a design-focused Airbnb Plus listing, or spend a longer time rediscovering a city through Airbnb Experiences, the Airbnb community has something to offer to enliven your passion.

The Chinese Zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year ruled by an animal. It is suggested that your personality and destiny will be influenced by the zodiac creature representing your birth year. This year, how about letting your spirit animal take control in helping you decide your 2019 travel plans? From exploring a hidden izakaya bar in Tokyo, to sleeping in a castle in England, and whether you are born in the Year of the Pig or the Year of the Horse, travel brings people and culture closer together.

Pigs are imaginative and enjoy living for the moment, often poking your nose around and discover popular and energetic destinations! You like to explore the grassroots of cities but uncertainty doesn’t scare you. Whether it’s Itaweon, a neighbourhood known for its energetic and cosmopolitan vibe, or lights and sounds of buzz neighbourhoods in Tokyo and Hong Kong, your night is young.

How about a a bar hopping experience at a secret izakaya bar in the heart of Shibuya?

Sneaking around corners, the Rats know how to find the best spot without wandering too far! Thais enjoy exploring Bangkok, Chonburi, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin, where they look for cozy and traditional apartments to snuggle up with their friends and loved ones. How about Bangkok’s Baan Noppawong or an artsy cottage in Chiang Mai?

There are also tons to do when it comes to Experiences in Bangkok. How about snack and cycling your way through the city of angels?

They didn’t coin the idiom “as strong as an ox” after you for nothing. You are a natural leader, goal-driven and steadfast – a pillar of stability others can count on.

You are the one who pulls everyone together and the planner of the trip, your family and friends are really lucky to have you because of the listings that you manage to book, such as this townhouse in Chiang Mai. Naturally, you would also rally everyone to prove themselves just as useful at a Lanna Cooking Class.

Not quite the King of Cats, this feline is still courageous, self-possessed and enjoys being in charge. Unlike your other zodiac friends, you prefer to expl-roar alone fulfilling self-driven ambitions. A nature lover, you prefer to steer clear of cities and go off-the-beaten path where you can take a break from the day-to-day pressures of earning your stripes. Why not live by the beach in Ahipara, New Zealand or hideaway in a villa in Bali for a surf adventure?

Widely known to be fun-loving and expressive creatures, those born in the year of the Rabbit will have no problem going down the rabbit hole with their loved ones. When compared to other zodiac types, you are a big fan of quirky accommodation such as tents, huts and treehouses. Oh, and you tend to jet-set with your significant other too! Are they Goats and Pigs?

These mythical creatures are a rare breed; full of energy and charisma. If you are lucky enough to have a Dragon as a significant other, be prepared to forgo traditional vacation ideas and get-off-the beaten path. However, do remember that strength without flexibility will lead to fracture. Work with your partner to decide the best accommodation lest both breathe fire! Stay in the dragon’s lair at this unique Home, more commonly referred to as Dragon House.

Why are we not surprised that you are gregarious and seductive with a keen eye for design? You’re also good with money, and extremely analytical, not jumping into situations you won’t benefit from.

With a keen eye for design, Tokyo becomes your go-to city, where you’ll always find something to discover. An acclaimed Japanese architect who has designed a host of celebrated projects around the world, which combine large expanses of unadorned concrete walls with wooden or stone floors and large windows, has inspired some of our most popular booked homes!

You are not all about that stable life – your energetic, free spirit loves to roam wild and free. Your love for traveling may be taking a backseat with the frugal approach you take towards life. Don’t worry, travelling in Edinburgh, London has proven light to your saddle. In fact, how about a 16th century dovecot cottage for 6,240THB per night? Or a stay on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

A Goat you may be but a fan of nature you are not! Your nurturing personality makes you an excellent care-giver. Being home is where you feel most comfortable. You spend more time self-reflecting so a home with big windows and a comfortable couch will be the perfect go(at) to spot for a creative thinker like yourself.

How about some cozy Plus homes in London where you’ll spend the whole day immersed in design. This this luxury loft space or perhaps this Victorian Chapel. You may never want to leave.

Monkeys are a burst of energy and thrive on having fun even in the unlikeliest of places, such as Ipoh. For further flung spots, we recommend Puebla, a two-hour drive from Mexico City, a city that provides a unique alternative to the typical Mexican beach vacation. Travelers can experience the best of the city’s architectural and culinary history through a cooking class with host Andrea or for the more sporty types, ring side tickets to a live lucha libre event with host Rubén.

You’re no ordinary bird! Roosters are practical and neat. You prefer to fly mid haul where you can rule the roost on the other side of the world. You might want them to join you on quest for an airy coop with clean cut designs?

Your love for Hua Hin and modern design lets you pick the best listings and activities. This modern beachfront abode will make the perfect base from which you can enjoy everything that Hua Hin as to offer. Venture out and learn how to cook Thai at the owner’s studio, or relax with a Thai herbal ball treatment and massage.

Dogs are known to be a loyal and faithful lot, preferring yearly long-haul destinations to quick regional trips. Dogs also have trouble finding mates. Perhaps that’s why you wag your tail at the very idea of a solo trip. If you are planning one soon, your best bet would be to head to the City of Love — Paris, where you might just find your next mate.

* All Homes and Experiences referenced are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific Home or Experience listings on the Airbnb platform.

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