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AIS announced more intense measures to deal with the COVID-19 virus outbreak Preparing employees and technology to confirm customer service continuity

Ms. Waralee Jirachaisri, Head of Corporate Communication Section of AIS, said, “Due to the situation of the COVID-19 virus becoming more serious, therefore, aside from the initial response measures that AIS has practiced in the past, which focused on the importance of the health and safety of customers who use the service, employees, distributors, and partners by working with all groups to reduce the risk of the outbreak to the public.”

“Recently, we have added more intense measures to guarantee customer service and business continuity, including:

–    Join partners such as foodpanda and LINEMAN to grant special privileges to serve customers if they need to be detained for symptoms of condition control or need to work in an offsite location. –    Bring Digital Platform to utilize and ready to present to customers and several organizations in order to work in all ways without interruption, such as interviewing new employees via the VDO Conference, including Remote Access system if it is necessary to offsite work or Work From Home. –    Prepare to split the employee’s team, which will be replaced for working to each other on time according to the situation. –    Prepare for replacement workplaces in case of shifting workplaces being required for temporary.

Besides, there is a regular practice of coping with the situation, being ready to manage steadily and make sure that does not affect the customer service.

The measures that have been implemented since last February and still enforce is the effective risk prevention measure following the procedures of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health. The company has emphasized that all employees, as well as partners, must take care of their health and family, indeed, and be careful in visiting risk areas to prevent oneself from becoming the spread of the virus to the public.

However, essential measures that have continued adopted for both employees and partners include:

–    Strictly avoid traveling to other countries, including the company’s purpose and personal travel. If it has previously gone to high-risk countries. Employees must work at home (Work From Home) and monitor their symptoms for 14 days. If, due the date, then no symptoms are found, the employee must visit modern medicine with the leading with the standardized hospital. After that, if the doctor concluded that there is no illness, the employee must bring a medical document to show before getting back to work as usual. –    Suspend business meetings with outside corporations, including all traveling partners from abroad, using Conference Call instead as well as preparing the screening process for partners who must work with the AIS team. –    For employees who serve customers in the AIS Shops, Telewiz stores, including the AIS Fibre installers, need to wear a mask at all times. There are also illness tests 2 times a day, and supplement alcohol services, hand sanitizer gels to assist customers, including wearing gloves for employees working at the airport. –    Spraying of germs in the main operation area according to the specified schedule, including at the office building, AIS Call Center, and AIS Shop by washing, cleaning, sanitizing the risk point all the time along with setting up alcohol hand sanitizer stations in the area such as customer service points, doorknobs, elevators, and parts that are commonly concerned. –    Approval to balance the employee’s working time as suited to reduce the risk of traveling during the high-congested rush hour. –    Maintain body temperature checks before entering AIS 1 and 2 buildings, including other work buildings 100% in the AIS Group. If found that the employees and visitors contain a body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, they will not be allowed to enter the area at all. –    Suspend meetings or any activities both inside and outside the office building of the company with more than 30 participants, which will use LIVE Broadcast technology to replace alternatively.

AIS is willing to provide peace of mind (Aunjai) to AIS employees, dealers, AIS Fibre installers by offering COVID-19 life insurance for free! Without any charge as well as providing instruction and information on how to prevent the COVID-19 virus with a team of medical experts to contribute advice and continue taking care of yourself and family as well. ”

Ms. Waralee said at the end that “Customers are confident that AIS has prepared measures to sufficiently handle this situation in order to deliver the best service consistently. However, to help and provide peace of mind (Aunjai), we have provided alternatives to use the Online service via my AIS application and the AIS Online Store as an option as well. “

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