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“AKA” Welcomes summer with an unlimited buffet menu starting at 339+ baht

“AKA”, the yakiniku restaurant with a guarantee of premium quality for all ingredients that ensures the food comes with a unique and delicious taste. To welcome the summer AKA pleases the yakiniku lover by “launching a new buffet set catering for three prices”, which will bring more than 10 delicious dishes of unlimited servings with a starting price from only 339+ baht

Meat Lover Buffet at 339+ Yakiniku buffet with new menu consists of 30 dishes including the soft Sesame beef made from premium authentic Thai beef made from the hip meat marinated with the special recipe sauce of the shop and white sesame seeds, which makes the meat tender when grilling on the stove

Regular Buffet at 439+ Don’t miss! The buffet menu for meat lovers adds seafood as well. The meat menu includes items such as Hiraniku beef, Hiranisu beef with black pepper sauce, streaky pork with AKA Sauce served in Korean style slices, topped with Aka sauce for juiciness. Pork neck is served with AKA sauce, and vegetables round out the meat menu. Cuttlefish is topped with AKA sauce for grilling on the fire until cooked, making it crunchy. Dipping sauce is also included in the menu, which is highly recommended to all the seafood lovers.

Premium Buffet at 549+ The premium buffet menu is suitable for customers who need the complete set. The set comes with river prawns, New Zealand mussel, Australian beef neck, bacon with USA black pepper sauce, rib eye which is a fatty beef cut suitable for grilling, making the meat juicy. This set also includes Chashu duck in pepper sauce – sliced tender duck with black pepper sauce with a hot and spicy Thai taste. The price is very special for the Premium Buffet at 549+ Baht. You can enjoy 6 Mha-lah dishes such as pork neck with Mha-lah, USA beef bacon with Mah-lah, lamb with Mah-lah sauce, chicken with Mah-lah sauce, sausage with Mha-lah and mushroom with Mha-lah sauce that includes everything in the set with unlimited serving.

End the meal with a new dessert menu for everyone to enjoy at the table with the refreshing AKA Kori- shaved ice with bread, grass jelly, corn, and topped with red sweetened syrup and sweetened condensed milk which is included in the Regular Buffet 439+ Baht, as well as the Red Koi Azuki- shaved ice topped with red sweetened syrup, sweetened condensed milk and red bean paste for the Meat lover buffet menu at 339+ Baht

Try the new buffet menu to unlimited servings starting today at all “AKA” restaurant branches near your home. For more information visit www.facebook.com/akarestaurant/

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