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Alibaba.com Enhances Buyer Trust in Thai Suppliers with Introduction of New Supplier Membership

Alibaba.com, a leading business-to-business (B2B) platform for global trade, today introduced the Verified Supplier membership in Thailand to help eligible Thai exporters win the trust of global buyers when conducting online trade.

Recently introduced for global suppliers, Alibaba.com’s Verified Supplier is the top membership tier that provides on-site verification services to suppliers from the world’s leading independent, professional certification institutions. In Thailand, the service is offered in collaboration with SGS.

Suppliers participating in the program will be assessed across more than 90 attributes in eight categories, including company profile, main products, management quality, production capabilities, research and development capabilities, service capabilities, supply chain capabilities, and after-sales guarantee. The resulting comprehensive assessment report will be accessible to all buyers through the supplier’s Alibaba.com storefront to demonstrate its trustworthiness and capabilities.

“Buyers want to know which suppliers they can trust with wholesale purchase orders amounting to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. The Verified Supplier membership is our latest solution to help global suppliers tackle the issue of trust in cross-border B2B trade,” said Nianci Phang, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Asia Pacific, Alibaba.com.

“We know many high-quality exporters in Thailand have spent years perfecting and improving their products and manufacturing practices, and we want to help Thai businesses stand out from the competition,” added Phang.

Verified Suppliers on Alibaba.com will feature a “Verified Supplier” tag visible to buyers in the platform’s search results, on product detail pages, and in suppliers’ company profiles. They can submit video footage to the certification institution to be cataloged as another “Verified” element on their Alibaba.com storefronts, as a way to provide buyers with an inside look at their business operations and showcase their facilities as reliable.

Members of the Verified Supplier program also have access to exclusive benefits on Alibaba.com, including extra product showcases, exclusive mini-sites, registration priority for promotional events, and opportunities for greater organic search exposure.

“Since we started selling on Alibaba.com four years ago, we have established our company as a reliable supplier of apparel and bags among global buyers and more than tripled the scale of our export business. Currently, about 50% of our export comes from online. I believe becoming a Verified Supplier will further set us apart from competitors and help us build an even more solid reputation among our buyers,” said Nitcharee Ujjin, CEO and Co-founder of Thumbinthai.

Interested Thai suppliers can find out more about the Verified Supplier membership here: https://seller.alibaba.com/verified_supplier

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