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Amadeus moves core shopping application onto Google Cloud to drive more speed, resilience and efficiency

In today’s digital world delivering a quick, simple and memorable shopping experience has become nothing short of essential. And travel is no exception. Last year international tourist arrivals hit the 1.4 billion mark two years earlier than expected. Both traveler numbers, and their individual demands, are on the rise.  But how to personalize the offer for an increasingly sophisticated traveler? Whilst keeping to sub-second response times? And efficiently meeting a sudden peak in travel demand caused by shopping events like Black Friday?

Solving these challenges requires a paradigm shift in the systems that keep the industry running. It is against this backdrop that Amadeus has reached a landmark moment in its systems infrastructure as it begins to deploy its shopping applications onto Google Cloud servers following the decommissioning of its mainframes.

This milestone makes Amadeus Master Pricer one of the first core travel industry applications to be deployed on the public cloud. The move is a major step forward in Amadeus’ vision for cloud-based architecture that is globally distributed across both the private and public cloud, driving more speed, responsiveness, and resilience in global operations. In addition, Amadeus is now progressively migrating its shopping applications to run on the public cloud across multiple regions. This enables Amadeus to scale its system capacity faster and on-demand, which is particularly key in moments of peak travel.

At the same time, Amadeus has become the first in the industry to shut down all its mainframes after a long technical marathon which began over ten years ago. Now running 100 percent on open systems, Amadeus is boosting innovation for customers and developing new products and features much more rapidly without waiting for bespoke mainframe coding to take place.

Paul Strong, Technical Director at the CTO office, Google Cloud, said: “We are thrilled to be the cloud provider of choice to embark Amadeus on a new journey towards delivering on its customers’ ambitions with more performance, quickly and efficiently. Google Cloud offers secure, reliable and open solutions with a high return, and we intend to be a preferred cloud partner in travel enabling the industry to take full advantage of cloud technology.”

Denis Lacroix, Senior Vice President, Core Shared Services R&D at Amadeus commented: “Change is exhilarating. In our hyper competitive industry, sub-second response times and flexibility of deployment have become essential to deliver on travelers’ promises. The successful deployment of such a major travel application with a leading cloud partner as Google Cloud represents a huge technical achievement, enabling Amadeus to enter a new era in travel innovation. With open systems on the cloud, we can build solutions to meet the changing requirements of our customers as they adapt to the needs of travelers – the sky is really the limit in our technical capabilities.”

Dietmar Fauser, Senior Vice President, Technology Platforms & Engineering at Amadeus, said: “This transition reflects Amadeus’ relentless commitment to invest in the technology that powers better journeys. This milestone is the result of a joint effort of R&D and operations teams delivered in a collaborative, DevOps approach. Our work ultimately gears us to innovate more quickly and thoroughly in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Machine Learning, which will empower the traveler of the future. Mainframes have been the workhorse of the travel industry for decades. Clearly though, the future of the industry is now in the cloud. I am overjoyed to be part of this shift.”

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