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Amadeus’ Traveler Tribes 2033: Thailand leads the Pioneering Pathfinders tribe across Asia Pacific

Sustainability has become an increasingly hot topic in recent years, and the travel industry is no exception. In honor of Earth Day, Amadeus’ latest Traveler Tribes 2033 study reveals how the travel landscape is advancing with four distinct Traveler Tribes that are expected to evolve in 10 years’ time: Excited Experientialists, Memory Makers, Travel Tech-fluencersand Pioneering Pathfinders.<

The study indicated that Thailand is the leading example of environmental consciousness in APAC, with the highest representation of Pioneering Pathfinders (50%) out of all the markets surveyed. Pioneering Pathfinders, who are half sustainability superheroes and half technology trailblazers, are the most progressive and optimistic about the future of travel. Additionally, Thailand was the only market in APAC that is concerned about how travel will continue to negatively impact the environment with 30% of respondents highlighting it as their top 3 concern about trips in 2033.

Here’s a round-up of who the Pioneering Pathfinders are and how they make minor tweaks to their journey as they travel around the world:

  • This group of people is essentially the most tech-savvy and enjoys pioneering new technology with open arms, yet sustainability is at the top of their travel agenda and will most likely dictate their decisions.
  • Planning – Prefer AI technology to take a greater role in leisure travel planning as they trust its ability to deliver on their wishes while also contributing to environmental sustainability. 38% of Thais see AI-based planning as a time-saving tool that speeds up trip planning and 42% believe that technology has the potential to reduce problems during trips. Nevertheless, 47% are concerned that cyber attacks will grow more prevalent in 2033.
  • Transportation – Being willing and able to pay more for biofuel-powered flights or electric cars. They also consider what goes inside the plane, and they are reluctant to accept more comfortable airline interiors at the cost of the environment. They also prefer virtual meetings rather than in-person meetings in the interest of reducing carbon emissions.
  • Accommodation – Prefer staying in eco-friendly hotel chains. They expect sustainable accommodations to reflect their own sustainable behaviors, such as serving only organic food and allowing only electric vehicles in their parking lot.
  • Payment – Comfortable using all forms of alternative payment methods, whether via cryptocurrency or within a virtual reality environment. As indicated, 33% of Thais believe that different modes of payment will make trips more cost-effective.

In essence, Thais are an embodiment of tech pioneers with an eye for sustainability. As we approach 2033 in a decade, they may thus be able to advocate sustainable travel and also the benefits of technological advancements such as AI in ways that other Traveler Tribes will not be able to.

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