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Amazing Durian Delicacies at Centara Grand at CentralWorld

Centara Grand at CentralWorld is proud to announce the launch of its exclusive durian delicacies made with the creamy, sweet, buttery flesh of the “King of Fruits”, available at Ventisi restaurant and Zing bakery.

Enjoy the distinct flavour of the Chanee and Monthong durians, presented in a unique menu created by the hotel’s experienced Executive Pastry Chef Thawat and team.

Made fresh every day at Ventisi and Zing, you have a choice of 12 different sweet treats priced from just THB 45++.

  1. Durian Double Cheesecake THB 180++ / piece
  2. Durian Tiramisu THB 180++ / piece
  3. Kanyao Durian white Chocolate Truffle with Green Durian Skin THB 45++ / piece
  4. Durian Strawberry Chocolate Truffle THB 45++ / piece
  5. Chocolate Durian Opera Cake THB 180++ / piece
  6. Durian & Coconut Mousse THB 180++ / piece
  7. Monthong Ice Cream THB 180++ / cup

Take a look at our new durian menu by the hotel experienced Executive Pastry Chef.

  1. Purple Sweet Potato Durian Roll THB 180++ / piece
  2. Macaroon Sticky Rice with Durian 180++ THB / piece
  3. Durian Pop THB 180++ / piece
  4. Chiffon Coconut Cream with Durian THB 180++ / piece
  5. Durian Pandan Shortcake THB 180++ / piece

Guests can also enjoy a unique “Durian Afternoon Tea” featuring a variety of durian delicacies alongside traditional scones with durian jam and a choice of hot beverages for THB 888++ per set for 2 persons, served daily at Ventisi restaurant and Zing bakery.

Durian Season Delicacies available at Ventisi restaurant and Zing bakery from
1 May to 31 August 2022

Find out more about Centara Grand at CentralWorld below:

Website: https://www.centarahotelsresorts.com/centaragrand/cgcw/restaurants-and-bars

Facebook: Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld

Instagram: Centaragrand_Centralworld

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