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Amazon Global Selling Thailand Launches On-Demand Seller Conference 2022 Content For Thai SMEs

Amazon Global Selling Thailand has launched on-demand videos from the recent Thailand Seller Conference 2022 available free and in Thai exclusively at https://amzn.to/seller-con-2022-ondemand-PR for Thai SMEs to learn how to sell their products on a global marketplace.

Amazon Global Selling Thailand’s on-demand content features over 15 seminars and workshops led by local Amazon Global Selling experts and partners from the recent Thailand Seller Conference 2022 attended by more than 5,000 Thai SMEs.

Jamie Brennan, head of Amazon Global Selling in Thailand, said, “Many Thai SMEs want to sell their Thai products abroad, but they don’t know where to start, worried about language barriers, or think it’s too complicated. Our goal is to empower our Thai sellers with all the information and resources for them to see how simple and easy it is to access over 300 million buyers on Amazon Global Selling’s global marketplace.”

“All you have to do is access the website at https://amzn.to/seller-con-2022-ondemand-PR  and you can click to view the on-demand content in Thai for free and get all the information you need to elevate your business to the next level,” she added.

The topics covered include:

  • Relook at 2021 and Rethink of 2022 by Jamie Brennan, Head of Amazon Global Selling Thailand: A look back at 2021 and looking forward to 2022 and the opportunities for Thai SMEs to enter cross-border selling.
  • Seller Panel: Success journey on Amazon and how Thai Sellers can thrive: A panel discussion by Thai SME leaders and their success stories selling on Amazon’s global network and converting their business model and strategy to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic’s uncertainties
  • 2022 Outlook: Hot Season & Selection Trends: A look at E-commerce trends of 2022 and how to plan your product strategy to maximize sales
  • Introduction to Fulfilment & Things to know for your first FBA shipment: Everything you need to know about shipping your first order through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

While the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the local economy and impacted Thai SMEs, it also provided a chance for Thai SMEs to pivot their business strategies and adapt to a new business and growing e-commerce landscape. As cross-border shopping is growing, in fact, the cross-border e-commerce market is poised to grow at 2.3 times1 the rate of domestic e-commerce in the next 5 years, and this has become a huge opportunity for sellers in many countries including Thailand to expand their business and reach new customers around the world. Amazon Global Selling also introduced Thai seller’s overall performance: from September 2020 to August 2021, the average sales of Thai sellers increased by 25%, and Thai sellers that surpassed $1 million in sales grew by approximately 30% compared to the same time frame year over year.

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