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Australia’s Oceanic Cumbia Meets Northeastern Thailand’s Molam

Amaru Tribe, a Melbourne-based band makes its full debut at Bangkok’s hip Studio Lam on 23 October. The band, a ‘cultural melting pot of Latin and Australian musicians hailing from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Venezuela is taking its unique sound – a blend of Latin and traditional Cumbia with hip hop, reggaeton and local Aussie influences – to countries in the region, including Thailand and Taiwan.

The band calls its fusion style ‘Cumbia Oceanica’ and it will bring this sound to the stage when it performs with local Thai northeastern (‘Isan’) band Toom Turn Molam. This is Vibrating Planet’s third installment in its Cumbia-Molam collaboration.

Toom Turn Molam Group has a monthly residency at Studio Lam and over the past five years the band has developed an original instrumental style based on the legendary molam bands of the 1960s and 70s.

A local Thai film crew is capturing this fascinating musical journey that may end up with a molam band playing in the Peruvian Amazon and a Cumbia band playing to an Isan audience.

Peruvian pisco and Thailand’s traditional alcoholic beverage, Ya Dong will add to Studio Lam’s night of cumbia and molam.

WednesdayLive at Studio Lam by My Beer
Cumbia Meets Molam project

AMARU TRIBE Live in Bangkok! Feat. ToomTurn Molam Group and support by Dj Poryai aka John Clewley
21.00h onwards
300b entry with 1 beer (My Beer)

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