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Avolar Travel partners with ZentrumHub to Build a Hotel Booking Platform

ZentrumHub’s Universal hotel booking API uses cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to streamline the hotel booking process seamlessly.

Speaking on the collaboration, Maria Elena Martell, Founder & CEO of Avolartravel.com, said, “This collaboration will allow us to offer our customers a seamless and convenient way to book hotels, whether they’re looking for the best deals or the perfect location. Combining our cutting-edge solutions and Avolartravel’s experienced team, we will surely redefine the travel experience for customers and give AvolarTravel an edge over its competitors.

The platform is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, and we are confident that this partnership will add immense value in enhancing our customer experience.

ZentrumHub, a PaaS-based travel technology company, has announced its collaboration with Avolartravel.com, a leading travel agency in the North American region. This partnership will enable Avolartravel to launch its hotel booking platform in less than two weeks. With this new partnership, travellers can book their hotel accommodations with ease and confidence. We are excited about the opportunities this opens up and look forward to scaling greater heights in the segment with this partnership.”

Mrigendra Mittal, Director of Sales, ZentrumHub, added, “We are thrilled to work with Avolartravel.com, a leading travel agency in North America.

Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)


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