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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

AXA Launches 24/7 Compulsory Motor Insurance!

AXA Thailand General Insurance has introduced an Online Compulsory Motor Insurance that provides instant protection and comes with no additional fee. It’s tailored to both those purchasing and renewing motor vehicle insurance, and starts at an affordable 581.01 baht per year. Coverage includes 504,000 baht and maximum insured amounts of 5 or 10 million baht. Buyers have the convenience of purchasing up to 90 days in advance, and receiving the policy via email for immediate use for car tax payment.

Learn more about AXA’s Compulsory Motor Insurance by visiting AXA’s website at https://www.axa.co.th/en/compulsory-motor-insurance. Additionally, if you wish to renew your compulsory motor insurance online, you can do so conveniently at https://direct.axa.co.th/CMIOnline/CoverageOptionPlan.

*Terms and conditions of underwriting and coverage are as specified by AXA, the insured should clearly understand before making the decision.

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