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Tops Hosts ‘Discover New Zealand’ Event with Premium Imports

Tops, a food business under Central Retail, together with the Embassy of New Zealand in Thailand, is organising the ‘Discover New Zealand’ event to cater to health-conscious Thai consumers. The event showcases a selection of premium-grade products and ingredients from New Zealand, renowned for being a fresh, high-quality food source with nutritionally superior properties and natural flavours, acknowledged by discerning global palates. Over 350 highlighted brands will be available, delivered directly from the Land of the Long White Cloud, offering Thai shoppers top-quality fresh produce starting from today until 28 May 2024 at Tops and Tops Food Halls across Thailand.

Tops invites Thai shoppers and food enthusiasts to experience a unique assortment of items carrying the ‘Made with Care – New Zealand’ quality seal, ensuring specially curated products manufactured with meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production, from source to consumer. The highlights include:

  • Manuka Honey from Manuka Health: Pure Manuka honey, extracted from the nectar of the wild Manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium), distinctive for its unique flavour profile and high levels of methylglyoxal (MGO), boasting antibacterial properties for wound treatment, digestive system support, immune system boosting, and various health benefits. 
  • Apples by Luv’ya: Indulge in premium-grade apples of various varieties, adorned with captivating colours, ensuring sweetness, crisp texture, and health benefits for everyone in the family. Imported directly from New Zealand by Luv’ya, those apples are grown in Nelson, home to the largest family-owned apple orchard with over a century of cultivation experience, featuring the irresistibly flavoured Ambrosia apples, with over 2.3 million kilograms imported and sold at Tops, totalling 7.4 million kilograms of various apple varieties since 2011. Additionally, there are Evercrisp apples, noted for their sweet and slightly tart flavour, Gala apples with a sweet and mellow taste suitable for year-round consumption, and many more.
  • Nice & Natural Roasted Nut Bars Mixed Berry: Enjoy a healthy and delicious snack with these dried peanut bars, packed with a variety of nutrients from nuts and dried berries. Additionally, there are Nice & Natural Roasted Nut Bars Trail Mix, featuring a blend of peanuts, almonds, cashews, and various grains. There are also many other delicious flavours to choose from.
  • Premium imported beef from perfect livestock regions: Enhance every meal with premium-grade beef such as Pure South New Zealand sirloin steak, raised by experts on the coastal plains and alpine slopes of the southern hemisphere, where the geography and climate are ideal for livestock farming. This ensures meat lovers can create a variety of delicious beef dishes.
  • Fresh seafood, as if the Pacific Ocean were right here: Tops brings the freshness of the ocean, renowned for its sustainable fisheries, straight to consumers with popular seafood items for seafood lovers from Thammachart Seafood. Highlights include Aura King Salmon, known as the best salmon in the world; New Zealand Mussel Half Shell Greenshell, delicious and easy to prepare; Kingklip Fish, rich in nutritional value and favoured by top restaurant chefs; and Hoki Fillet, sourced from New Zealand’s deep-sea fisheries.
  • Variety of imported fruits with delicious flavours: Enjoy the finest premium-grade fruits of the season, carefully selected, and imported from New Zealand, all gathered in one place. Highlights include New Zealand persimmons, notable for their orange hue and sweet, crisp taste, as well as New Zealand kiwifruits and golden kiwifruits, packed with numerous health benefits.
  • Top-quality dairy products: Delight cheese lovers with a selection of premium dairy items, including Anchor butter unsalted, made from 100% quality New Zealand milk, Tatua Dairy Whip cream, crafted from the finest cream through pasteurisation, Mainland Vintage cheese made from 100% New Zealand milk, and Mainland Tasty cheese, aged for over 18 months to ensure exceptional quality. 
  • A wide range of exclusive food products and snacks: Discover Pics Peanut Butter, acclaimed as the tastiest in New Zealand, Canterbury Biltong, delicious smoked dried beef, Heartland potato crisps, a healthier option made and processed in New Zealand, along with Sanitarium’s crispy cereals blended with berries. There are also many other snacks imported directly from New Zealand to enjoy.

Experience the taste of quality products bearing the ‘Made with Care – New Zealand’ seal, crafted with heart and care, at the ‘Discover New Zealand’ event, happening from today until 28 May 2024 at Tops and Tops Food Halls nationwide. Alternatively, shop conveniently with just a tap via Tops Online or use the Personal Shopper service for doorstep delivery. Plus, enjoy a special promotion: receive a free Gift Voucher worth 100 baht for every 1,000 baht spent on participating items, limited to 1,000 vouchers only. For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, TopsThailand Facebook page, or the TopsThailand mobile app.

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