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AXA Releases ‘EasyCare Visa’ Health Insurance Plan to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for People with Retirement Visas and Long-Stay Visitors

AXA Thailand General Insurance has solidified its position as a leader in the global insurance industry by providing health coverage plans tailored to fit a variety of lifestyles.

Recently, the company unveiled the exclusive ‘AXA EasyCare Visa’ health insurance program, designed to provide foreign nationals residing in Thailand with comprehensive, reliable coverage. The plan offers up to 4 million baht in medical costs per disease and can be purchased quickly and easily through online channels.

Mr. Alexandre Keosayavong, Chief Health Officer of AXA Thailand General Insurance, noted that “the world is transitioning into an aging society, and Thailand is rated the most livable destination for retirees in Asia, ranked 9th globally in 2023. AXA Insurance is providing customers with the ‘AXA EasyCare Visa’ health insurance plan, which offers protection in the event of illness or injury and requires no payment upfront when receiving medical care in any participating hospital within Thailand. Customers can choose the amount of deductible that best meets their needs, which will also lower insurance premiums.”

The ‘AXA EasyCare Visa’ features excellent attributes and is suitable for those applying for retirement visas (Non-Immigrant O-A and O-X) as well as Long Term Resident Visas. Customers aged up to 80 are eligible to apply, and the plan can be renewed until the age of 99. The price of the policy starts at 1,025 baht. Families can benefit from a 10% discount (one person per policy) and family plans can be applied directly. Additionally, AXA Hotline is available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide assistance with visa applications, allowing customers to stay in Thailand stress-free.

“To effectively support the needs of Thai people and foreign visitors alike, AXA is committed to developing a diverse range of products that perfectly meet the demands of all consumer target groups,” Mr. Alexander added.

The Thai General Insurance Association (TGIA) has officially recognized AXA Insurance as the official health insurance provider for the Long Stay Visa program (link to https://longstay.tgia.org/) and the LTR scheme (refer to https://ltr.boi.go.th/page/data-center.html).

Anyone interested in the ‘AXA EasyCare Visa’ health insurance plan or other health insurance products can find more information on the AXA website (https://www.axa.co.th/en/axa-Easy-Care-Visa).

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