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Ban Lao Meuang Feuang: A Real Lao Accommodation Experience

Meuang Feuang, a 90-minute drive from Vientiane, began glowing on domestic tourists’ radar screens during the pandemic.

Many stay at Ban Lao Meuang Feuang on the Nam Lik River and the surrounding nature, as the property offers an attraction in and of itself.

Ban Lao Meuang Feuang Laos Vientiane nature accommodation

Walking into the Ban Lao is like stepping into a traditional riverside village set in a forest, with towering limestone mountains as a backdrop. Families and groups can select from five different traditional Lao-style houses that sleep up to eight people. Twelve “Raft Houses” – bungalows for two – float on the Nam Lik.

Ban Lao Meuang Feuang Laos Vientiane nature accommodation

The large houses stand on stilts, and are built with local materials such as bamboo, rattan and timber. Various configurations deliver separate bedrooms and common areas for lounging and dining. Sizeable covered balconies open to a natural setting of trees, plants, gardens, and views of the cliffs and river. Facilities include simple kitchens and shared or private bathrooms with running water and hot showers.

Ban Lao Meuang Feuang Laos Vientiane nature accommodation

For a true accommodation adventure, take the steps down the river bank to a row of floating one-room raft houses with bamboo balconies jutting into the Nam Lik. Guests can dive into the river to cool off or laze in a tube while soaking up the natural surroundings. You can barbecue over an open fire on the floating terraces, or just relax with snacks, drinks, and hot coffee or tea from shared kitchenettes or Ban Lao’s coffee shop. Showers and toilets are available just up the stairs.

Ban Lao Meuang Feuang Vientiane Laos accommodation nature

Early mornings on the balconies find Buddhist monks in boats receiving alms from guests. The staff serve breakfast on the dining room raft before you enjoy a day of natural activities. You can swing from ropes hanging from trees before dropping into the river, kayak along the jungle-lined Nam Lik, paddle on standing bamboo rafts, float on tubes, or hire a boat and captain who can row you around. Groups can putter up and down the river on a pontoon party boat, while enjoying beverages and music in the wilderness.

Ban Lao Meuang Feuang Laos Vientiane nature accommodation

Back on shore, Ban Lao presents stalls encircling a small field, and operated by Meuang Feuang families selling local goods and delicacies along with beverages. Ban Lao provides these stalls to the community at no charge. Guests can dine Lao style on mats with small rattan tables, and enjoy traditional dishes cooked and served by the staff, all of who come from Meuang Feuang. You can also bring your own food for a barbecue. A walk around the grounds reveals plenty of fruit trees and vegetable and herb gardens used in the meals.

A stay at Ban Lao Meuang Feuang is more than a room, restaurant, and swimming pool…it’s a truly authentic experience in nature.

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