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Bangkok Design Week is back intown with new potential for living 1-9 February!

Bangkok’s creative playground that showcases potential ideas for a better urban future is back in town once again. To be organized by the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA, Bangkok Design Week 2020 (BKKDW 2020) will be held under the concept “Resilience: New potential for living”.  Joining hands with 60 organizations and 2,000 creators who explore ideas to create new capabilities for Bangkok, BKKDW 2020 is aimed at presenting ways to support the city in facing future challenges from the tremendous growth of pupation. The festival will showcase the collaborative efforts to promote living together in diversity, creating a safe and secure society, improving access to public services, and preparing Bangkok for whatever the future brings.

To highlight Bangkok’s status as one of the UNESCO’s Creative Cities, this year’s edition of BKKDW will expand its creative venues from Charoenkrung – Talad Noi, to new areas namely Samyan, Ari – Pradipat and Thonglor – Ekamai. Visitors will be enjoying a series of activities in each area, held in the context that harmoniously showcases the charm of Bangkok. Besides, the festival will offer chances for visitors to meet creative thinkers, designers, and discover their inventive ideas through workshops and showcases which will be held during 1 – 9 February 2020.

Five key activities of the festival are as follows:

Showcase & Exhibition: A showcase and an exhibition that display design processes and new technologies by designers and creative businesses, in order to introduce different ways to improve quality of life in multiple levels: from people, community, business to city. Highlights include “Bangkok #Safezone Shelter”, CEA in collaboration with Shma and Keystone Studio present “Air Quality Pavilion”, a prototype for a green safe space from air pollution, consisting of green plants, wind, and water, and incorporating design, creativity, and state-of-the-art technologies. “Everlasting Forest by GC”, the exhibition is introducing the relationship of coexistence between nature and man-made objects including daily life buildings constructions which well managed under the concept of Bio-Circular-Green economy that promotes the production of goods and services with environmentally friendly processes;

Talk & Workshop: Get inspired by thinkers, creators, and designers. Learn how to design sustainably based on reducing, selecting and cycling resources which finally makes a positive impact on people in the city. One of the highlight activities is “7 Wonders Of Business Resilience”. The creative talk will deliver a surge of inspiration through business success stories shared by 7 well-known brands, namely a piece(s) of paper, Super Lock & Micron Ware, Ta.Tha.Ta, A49, Naraya, Baan Somtum, and Siam 1982;

Creative District: The project promotes Charoenkrung as a Creative District that supports both commercial activities and community wellbeing. It is a prototype for creative area development which leads to practical use. One of the highlight programs is “Made in Charoenkrung”. The project aims to develop the business potential of Charoenkrung district using creativity through a series of collaborations between traditional shops and art and craft shops in the area and designers and businessmen, both inside and outside the area, to further develop businesses so that they can grow steadily and adapt to the contexts of the modern world, as well as to increase business opportunities;

Event & Program: Live music, film screenings, art shows, performances and open house activities will be featured to celebrate Bangkok’s creativity. Highlights include: “Deliver the past” Homemade healthy lunchbox workshop by Kin Dee Healthy Pinto and Pian Yod Tan Community Enterprise; “FV Film” Three short films shot by OBK Star Studio about the design journey of FV shop; and

Creative Market: The creative market aims to build business opportunities, networks, and market channels for new and veteran entrepreneurs. More than 250 shops will be showcasing their products along the route of Grand Postal Building, and Warehouse 30 (Warehouse 7-8).

Bangkok Design Week 2020 (BKKDW2020) will be held between 1 – 9 February 2020 at creative venues in Charoenkrung – Talad Noi, Samyan, Ari – Pradipat and Thonglor – Ekamai. Follow BKKDW2020 and get the latest updates on creative activities at bangkokdesignweek.com; Facebook: BangkokDesignWeek; Instagram: bangkokdesignweek; #BKKDW2020 and #bangkokdesignweek

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