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Belgium’s top exporters are bringing the original Belgian fries to Thailand

From May 28th until June 1st, Flanders Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM) will be bringing together five major Belgian fries exporters to an exhibit as a group at THAIFEX World of Food Asia. The five companies, Agristo, Bart’s Potato Company, Clarebout Potatoes, Ecofrost and Mydibel, will be participating under the “Belgian Fries” banner to widen their networks, increase their share in Thailand’s growing market for processed potato products and heighten awareness of Belgian fries in Thailand and the region.

These five companies represent the five biggest family-owned businesses in the industry in Belgium offering a wide range of potato products and specialties that are exported to over 100 countries world-wide. Their participation to THAIFEX is part of a five-nation promotion campaign in Southeast Asia, coordinated by VLAM and Belgapom, the association for the Belgian potato trade and processing industry.

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