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BIGLIFE announces exciting rebrand

BIGLIFE, a recognised leader in the loyalty marketing platform market who operates the award-winning BIG Loyalty programme, today unveiled a new brand name and new brand logo – BIG Rewards, inline with the growth of its diverse offerings and fast e-commerce transactions.

Started as an airline loyalty programme for airasia, today BIG Rewards has grown into a comprehensive lifestyle rewards platform that goes beyond flights. With a diverse range of partners across lifestyle, travel and financial services categories, BIG Rewards is now one of the biggest points platforms that allows borderless earn and burn activities across Asean and beyond.

Spencer Lee, Chief Executive Officer of BIGLIFE Sdn Bhd said, “The word ‘Rewards’ spells out the benefits for our members and is a stronger and more attractive proposition in today’s e-commerce world. Under the new brand name, BIG Points will continue to power the airasia.com ecosystem as a digital loyalty currency, rewarding BIG Members with BIG Points and greater savings as points can be used like cash for payment across all lines of business – travel, shop, food, fresh etc on airasia.com.“

“The rebranding exercise represents change. BIG Rewards is changing because the world around is changing. BIGLIFE is determined to never stop leading the way in innovation and continuously creating value for our partners and members,” added Spencer.

BIG Rewards celebrated its 10th year milestone last year with the launch of several innovative products – BIG Deals enables members to redeem a variety of lifestyle deals using BIG Points; and BIG Xchange, an instant points exchange hub, gives members the freedom to convert their desired points instantly on one single platform. The future of BIG Rewards lies in BIG Points payment and BIG Xchange 2.0 as the key drivers for business transformation and growth.

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