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BITEC Accelerates Top-Class Venue in Region with Four Significant Standards

Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) announces its readiness to become an international standard MICE venue for domestic and international events with awards received in 2020 for outstanding facility in standard security and safety of the venue, environmental management, crisis management of venue and food safety in mass catering.

After COVID-19 restrictions are being relaxed, BITEC has helped to accelerate the economy according to the government policy by building confidence to Thailand MICE industry. BITEC is certified with four outstanding awards including Thailand MICE Venue Standard: TMVS, Environmental Management System: ISO 14001:2015, MICE Security Management System: TIS 22300:2551, and Gold Class Food Safety in Mass Catering Standard ensuring its international standard strength to draw event organisers and exhibitors in both domestic and international scheme to choose BITEC as a venue for MICE activity in ASEAN.

Panittha Buri, Managing Director of Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) said “As one of the leading MICE venues in Thailand, BITEC is committed to deliver services that answer to the evolving needs of customers in the digital lifestyle and the new normal era. The received awards in four categories represent our efforts to improve our standards for higher excellency, delivering best services and facilities to our customers, event organisers and exhibitors as well as ensuring well succeeded events.”

The standards of the awards are in accordance with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)’s regulations to enhance the potential of Thailand MICE entrepreneurs. The TCEB standards are used to prepare MICE businesses for the international market, accelerating competitive potential and sustainable growth of Thailand MICE industry. As venue is considered an important factor for decision making, Thailand is the first country in ASEAN to has set the venue standard and BITEC has been granted with Thailand MICE Venue Standard by TCEB since 2016.

While, the Environmental Management System award: ISO 14001:2015 shows the determination that BITEC has been working toward managing the environment systematically and sustainably. This award pushes BITEC towards becoming customer’s top of mind and develops a positive image for the organisation that picks BITEC as a venue. Another award received is MICE Security Management System: TIS 22300:2551 issued by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). It is considered as one of the most significant achievements in the MICE industry, in which the standards and certification for the security management system are set by TCEB and the Ministry of Industry to ensure safety and security. BITEC is one of the top five MICE operators in Thailand to receive the MICE Security Management System: TIS 22300:2551.

Additionally, BITEC has been awarded with the Gold Class Food Safety in Mass Catering Standard since 2015. This award represents the attention to details in services BITEC provide. As the food safety standard is one of the top concerns in MICE business, this award is designed to build a standard for taste and safety of Thai food and to enhance services within MICE business both locally and internationally.

“Besides confirming our potential and readiness in supporting all types of events and the needs of both local and international clients, the awards also strengthen our commitment in providing excellent services to customers and as a company that puts sustainability at the heart of the business and leadership.” Panittha concluded.

For more information about Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC), please visit website www.bitec.co.th or call 02-726-1999 ext. 7218 email venue@bhirajburi.co.th

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