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Booking.com’s 2023 Explorers: Renewed World with Eric Nam

Today, leading digital travel company Booking.com has proudly announced global star Eric Nam as the campaign ambassador for its 2023 Explorers campaign. As travel continues to show no signs of abating in Asia, with nearly three quarters (73%) of Asia-Pacific travellers unwavering in their future travel plans even amidst global crises[1] – this year’s Explorers campaign seeks to empower every traveller by showing them the endless possibilities travel can bring, encouraging them to go forth to do just that.

Inspired by Eric Nam’s individuality and innate sense of curiosity, the 2023 Explorers campaign takes him to the heart of Asia as he embraces this very spirit – traversing the culturally rich cities of Hoi An, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand and bringing to life his passion for exploration in a series of short films that showcase the power of reimagining the way we see the world today.

“Exploring the world is an incredibly important source of inspiration for my life and a form of personal growth for me. Learning about other cultures fuels my creativity and curiosity, and helps me take on fresh perspectives,” said Eric Nam. “I’m honoured to be a part of Booking.com’s 2023 Explorers campaign, and I hope to inspire more people to fearlessly embrace different ways of seeing the world.”

The collaboration with Eric Nam reinforces Booking.com’s commitment to making it easier for everyone to experience the world, highlighting how effortless it is for them to embark on these journeys in their own way via the Booking.com platform. With a diverse range of offerings across accommodations, flights and rental cars, Booking.com ensures a seamless and connected travel experience, empowering travellers to personally curate their travels. As travellers reflect on their cherished memories and travel experiences alongside Eric Nam, the campaign hopes to encourage them to stay open to fresh and creative ways of travel in a world renewed, to unlock their sense of adventure.

“Amidst ever-evolving global realities, a sense of empowerment can be underrated. The 2023 Explorers campaign is hence a timely reminder of the incomparable joy and empowerment that travel can bring us,” said Laura Houldsworth, Managing Director for Asia Pacific. “Our goal at Booking.com is to make it easier for travellers to shape their own extraordinary travel experiences – by offering personalisation and providing our users with the widest choice of accommodation options and unique experiences. We’re absolutely thrilled to partner Eric Nam on this campaign, and can’t wait to share how he travels his way.”

Responsible travel is also at the forefront of this campaign, as Booking.com shows travellers have access to an array of accommodations and experiences that encourages more sustainable choices, whilst reducing their environmental impact in the destinations they visit. With sustainability remaining top of mind for APAC travellers, Booking.com empowers travelers to make responsible choices that positively contribute to the places they explore.

For more information about Booking.com’s Explorers 2023 campaign, visit https://bookingexplorers.com/.

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