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BreadTalk announces strategic plan to remain strong in bakery market in Q1/2023

BreadTalk enters 2023 with confidence, owing to favorable aspects such as the easing of the COVID situation and the modification of its marketing plan, which has reached out to customers over the last year.

The idea is to consider client demands and focus on both offline and online marketing. The bakery industry is predicted to rise further in 2023 as the economy recovers.

The bread company is set to take the next step by releasing new recipes every quarter. For the Chinese New Year in 2023, it is launching “Hoppy Prosperity,” a campaign communicating leapfrog prosperity through 9 innovatively made bread. Among the featured recipes is “Mala Pot,” which continues to be a popular culinary trend in Thailand. It symbolizes family closeness, whereas “Lucky Bunny,” a rabbit-shaped bread, welcomes the new year and caters to customer requirements during Chinese New Year celebrations.

New varieties of the delectable Hoppy Prosperity bread recipes are available for self-indulgence or purchase as a family present for Chinese New Year at BreadTalk participating branches from January 5 to February 28, 2023.

Mr. Vincent Toh Country Manager, Thailand of BTM (Thailand) Company Limited (BreadTalk), which is the BreadTalk Group’s food business unit that operates under the BreadTalk BakeryDin Tai FungSong Fa, and Food Republic brands, said: “Consumers are less concerned and more confident in returning to normal life following the easing of the COVID situation. More and more people are going for a walk and shopping at crowded department stores. This is in addition to BreadTalk’s proactive marketing, which targets both offline and online, branch expansion to reach more customers, and remodeling of existing branches to make them modern and appealing, inviting more consumers to enter the store.”

BreadTalk’s success is also attributed to the high quality of its raw materials, which are sourced from the greatest suppliers. We are developing recipes with the help of prominent Singaporean chefs. As a consequence, BreadTalk is fresh and tasty, with over 80 recipes to pick from. Many of these are consumer favorites that have become signatures, such as Flosss and Japan Light CheeseCustard Lava Croissant, and Messy Bun, and so on.

By 2023, it is projected that the bakery market in Thailand will continue to expand and grow steadily as the economy recovers and international tourists gradually return. As a result, Breadtalk is confident in continuing forward with an aggressive marketing strategy that includes launching new recipes every quarter to generate a new vibe for customers. BreadTalk is launching the campaign “Hoppy Prosperity” and serving 9 recipes of bread with auspicious connotations for the Chinese New Year, expecting that consumer traffic will increase 10-15% per month and inspiring the market to return more vibrant than ever during this Chinese New Year.

“The Hoppy Prosperity campaign represents leapfrog prosperity and recommends passing on wealth and good fortune at auspicious holidays such as Chinese New Year, which this year is the Year of the Rabbit. Each bread recipe was created using high-quality ingredients that adhere to BreadTalk’s standards. It also emphasizes raw materials with fortunate connotations in Chinese and properly represents the rabbit’s zodiac year, said Mr. Vincent

This time, the “Mala Pot” is one of the highlighted recipes. It alludes to the warmth felt at the Chinese New Year family reunion. There’s also Lucky Bunny, New Year Harvest, Yammy Treasure, Golden Pumpkin Bun, Ong Lai Huat, and Bak Kwa Delight breads. Prices begin at only 25 baht.

The “Hoppy Prosperity” campaign is ready to deliver tasty bakery treats with a positive theme for the Chinese New Year. From January 5 through February 28, 2023, all 9 recipes are now available at participating BreadTalk locations.  More information is available on the Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/breadtalkthailand or the Instagram https://www.instagram.com/

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