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BTS WORLD Is Available Worldwide On iOS And Android Devices Starting Today

 “Become BTS’ Manager in BTS WORLD!”

          – Highly anticipated mobile game BTS WORLD is available for iOS and Android devices starting at 6:00 pm KST June 26 in 176 countries worldwide
          – Players to become BTS’ manager and virtually interact with BTS through interactive content
          – All-new title song “Heartbeat (BTS WORLD OST)” will first be revealed through the game exclusively
          Netmarble today announced that the highly anticipated mobile game BTS WORLD, offering the fantastic experience of becoming BTS’ manager, is available to download on Apple App Store and Google Play starting at 6:00 pm KST June 26 in 176 countries worldwide (excluding some countries).
BTS WORLD is a story-based mobile simulation game that takes players back to the start before the band’s debut to pursue the role of BTS’ manager, with the ultimate goal of fostering BTS to become superstars.
          Players will encounter various missions where they will select certain BTS member cards to clear the mission and progress through the game. Collecting and upgrading these cards will open up even more stories along the way.
          In addition to BTS WORLD’s main story that allows players to foster BTS to become superstars, the game features individual stories where each BTS member appears as the main character, with each member’s unique characteristics applied to the story.
          BTS WORLD includes 10,000 brand new photos and 100 video clips exclusive to the game, and players will be able to interact virtually with BTS as a manager in the game through various 1:1 interactive content.
          Along with the game launch, Netmarble announced that a brand-new title song from BTS WORLD’s original soundtrack (OST), “Heartbeat (BTS WORLD OST),” will first be revealed through the game exclusively. This song will be available exclusively on the introduction and main lobby within the game for the first 48 hours until the full BTS WORLD OST album comes out.
          The BTS WORLD OST album will be released worldwide on June 28th. In addition to the title song “Heartbeat,” the BTS WORLD OST album will include each member’s theme songs within the game, and three BTS WORLD OST unit songs – “Dream Glow (BTS WORLD OST Part.1),” “A Brand New Day (BTS WORLD OST Part.2),” and “All Night (BTS WORLD OST Part.3)” – which have been previously revealed on June 7th, 14th and 21st, respectively.
          The game will be released worldwide (excluding some countries) for iOS and Android devices. For more information, please visit the official site [https://btsw.netmarble.com] or follow BTS WORLD on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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