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Burger King opens new flagship store in Thailand In response to the digital lifestyle and to retain the leadership position in the burger market, the newly opened burger restaurant is ready to provide a premium customer experience through flame grill burgers for the first time in Asia

With the recent opening of a new flagship store in a prime location in the Ratchadapisek neighborhood, Burger King maintains its No. 1 position in the burger market and aims to become a ‘Restaurant as a Future.’

It is the first branch in Thailand to use technology to adapt to the digital lifestyle trend, with a unique exterior building design that blends seamlessly with a touch of American style.

                To meet the lifestyle of today’s consumers, the new flagship store incorporates three highlighted innovative features. It has Asia’s first new flame-grill burger broilers, where customers can see the meat being grilled with a flame in the style of Burger King. Smart lockers make food delivery easier by creating a dedicated area for take-out orders and reducing contact. Electric vehicle charging stations are installed to help reduce emissions while adhering to the organization’s sustainability policy. The opening of this new flagship store is expected to create new experiences for consumers in all aspects while also encouraging sales growth in accordance with the predetermined target.

                Mr. Tanawat Damnernthong, General Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd., stated that Burger King continues to drive business growth through continuous branch expansion in the final months of 2022. It recently converted a 400-square-meter space in the Ratchadaphisek neighborhood into a new Burger King flagship store. The Ratchada branch will be the first in Thailand to bring together the best in terms of both products and services, particularly the introduction of modern-day innovations to increase consumer convenience.

                He continued, “The idea for this flagship store came from anticipating the needs of most customers who visit Burger King. By taking a customer-centric approach, the brand never stops developing and adjusting its business model to fit the lifestyle of the next generation. As a result, the challenge has turned into an opportunity for Burger King to revamp its image. It is to create an experience for consumers to explore a more perfect fit, responding to diverse consumer needs across all dimensions, and creating maximum satisfaction when coming to use our service.”

                “The new Burger King’s flagship store, Ratchada branch, has used technology to adapt to the digital trend by combining three highlighted innovations to meet the needs of modern consumers’ lifestyles. It is Asia’s first branch to use innovative new flame-grill burger broilers, which provide an exceptional customer experience by allowing customers to see the process of grilling meat with flames. This perfectly illustrates Burger King’s signature burger-making method.”

                “Not only does Burger King care about the product, but it can also meet the needs of customers who prefer to order food via delivery service. The installation of Smart Lockers will aid in the receipt of take-out orders via an automated system. It accelerates the rapidly expanding off-premise dining segment, eliminates bottlenecks in dine-in or counter-service operations, and lowers the risk of direct contact. This innovative solution can also help food delivery riders who use the app-based delivery platform to serve their customers. Simply enter the corresponding order code on the screen to open the locker. The process is complete once you take your food from the cabinet and close the door, and you now deliver it to the customer.”

                “Moreover, the brand continues to grow while maintaining social and environmental responsibilities. It is responding to the trend of saving the world and pushing for clean energy in business operations, which is consistent with Minor International Public Company Limited’s mission of becoming a carbon-neutral organization. As a result, we have implemented sustainability innovations in all our facilities, such as the installation of electric vehicle charging stations capable of supporting all models of electric vehicles. Then EVs can be fully charged in under 15 minutes. In addition, a solar rooftop has been installed to convert solar energy into electricity. It is also the most cost-effective use of renewable energy, in addition to saving electricity in the store,” says Tanawat.

                Thanawat added that Burger King is committed to encouraging customer engagement through the exclusivity of the flagship store at the Ratchada branch so that consumers can share a common experience. It combines the aura of American style to be modern by paying attention to every detail from the exterior design of the building to a new style that has never been seen before. It also has a large parking area that can accommodate up to 20 cars. The interior of the store is a completely new concept, with 60 seats available for customers.

                “Besides, the area surrounding the store has been landscaped to provide green space. A separate zone behind the restaurant is dedicated to art for the sake of art, with graphics that reflect Burger King’s uniqueness. This area can be used for photos or as a place to sit and relax. It’s another destination that makes a difference in providing a good time experience to customers, and it’s a strategy to bring in more customers.

                What’s more, the brand continues to prioritize the convenience of customers who seek speed. Customers can order food through the drive-thru service by talking to the staff and seeing their faces in real-time on the newly designed LED screen that is more special than others. Apart from impressing customers, it demonstrates the staff’s attentiveness, as they are ready to serve all customers with the same standards.”

                In addition to the innovations that have been introduced to elevate the service and provide a unique experience to customers, Burger King surprises customers with the exclusive King’s Selection recipes, which are only available at the Ratchada and Siam Paragon branches.

                Ch’King BBQ Bacon Cheese, one of the three new special set meals, comes with a full-sized piece of fried chicken perfectly paired with cheese. The crunchiness of the crispy bacon and fried shallots makes the burger extremely worth a try. The price per set is 249 baht. Double Rodeo Bacon Cheese is made with two layers of premium imported Australian beef grilled over an open flame with cheese to add mildness, as well as crispy bacon and fried onions. At 339 baht per set, you can enjoy every bite. Alternatively, fans of burgers can enjoy Double Steakhouse King, which features two layers of premium Australian imported beef grilled over an open flame. At 329 baht per set, the melted cheese, crispy bacon, and fried onions make it superb and perfectly delicious. Each set meal comes with one burger, French fries, and a regular-size (16 oz) drink.

                “From the meticulous selection of raw materials to the determination to continuously maintain standards in developing products and services, this is all about Burger King’s intention. We intend to expand the use of this innovative model to other branches soon to support consumer needs and respond to all emerging consumer lifestyles. It highlights our market-leading position in the burger category. And we will truly progress toward becoming a ‘Restaurant as a Future.’ It is expected that the opening of this new flagship store will provide new experiences for consumers in all dimensions while also stimulating sales growth in accordance with our set target,” said Tanawat.

                Come explore the new customer experience at the new Burger King flagship store, the Ratchada branch, starting today. Details about the new King’s Selection burgers and value promotions can be found at www.burgerking.co.th and on Facebook at BurgerKingThailand.

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