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Burger King’s 2023: Viral Trends, Sales Surge, Reigns Supreme

Burger King, an American burger brand, is solidifying its position as the top choice among consumers with the recent unveiling of its business achievements for the initial 11 months of 2023. Hitting a new high, the growth is attributed to effective online marketing strategies that cater to the evolving needs of consumers. Additionally, the burger brand is set to conclude the year on a high note with its upcoming campaign, the “Bolognese Collection,” which integrates Bolognese sauce or red sauce into exciting new recipes. Generating online buzz even before its official launch, the campaign leverages names suggested by the fan club for the recipes that are now available for purchase. It is expected that this campaign will contribute to achieving the set business goals, further boosting overall performance in 2023.

Mr. Tanawat Damnernthong, General Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd., that over the last 11 months of 2023, Burger King achieved its most robust growth in 23 years. This success is attributed to a strategic approach focused on reaching a larger audience in Thailand. The company has pursued expansion by opening new branches, aiming to provide coverage across the entire country. In 2023 alone, the number of branches expanded has surpassed 10 branches. In addition to introducing new menu items, Burger King has enhanced its existing menu by introducing upgrades in both savory and dessert offerings. These upgrades feature flavors that resonate with Thai consumers, including the popular Khanom Krok pie and Hat Yai fried chicken, which have gained positive responses from customers. The company has also rolled out promotions that provide excellent value for money, covering a range of menu items such as burgers and rice dishes. Moreover, Burger King has expanded its array of distribution channels to accommodate diverse lifestyles. Customers can place orders through traditional in-store methods, utilize the mobile application, opt for the convenience of drive-thru services, or take advantage of the self-pickup ordering system. This approach underscores Burger King’s commitment to addressing the convenience preferences of consumers in the most comprehensive manner possible.

In addition to innovating its food menus and service channels, Burger King employs a crucial strategy: leveraging online marketing campaigns to engage with consumers in real time. An illustrative example is the “The Real Burger” campaign, designed to amplify the restaurant’s tagline, “Have It Your Way,” emphasizing that the most delicious burger is the one tailored to individual preferences. It gave rise to the Real Cheeseburger phenomenon—a burger adorned with 20 slices of cheese—and the Real Meat Burger, a 100-slice beef burger. This creative campaign went viral online, resonating throughout the country. The impact of the campaign yielded a surge of over 3,000% in engagement on the Burger King Facebook fan page. This translated into a significant expansion of the customer base, with a growth of 50%. Registrations on the mobile application experienced a fourfold boost. Notably, the campaign produced exceptional sales figures, reaching new highs with an increase of over 20% during the campaign period.

As the year concludes and the festive season approaches, coinciding with the influx of foreign tourists during the high season, Burger King is ushering in the celebrations with the “Bolognese Collection” campaign. This campaign showcases the renowned Bolognese sauce from Italy, featured as a key ingredient in three food menus. The offerings include the Bolognese X-Long Cheese Burger, the Double Bolognese Burger, and the French Fries with Cheese and Bolognese Sauce, all starting at a price of just 99 baht. The uniqueness of this campaign lies in the fact that the menu names are crowdsourced through Burger King Thailand’s Facebook where followers were invited to participate in naming new menu items set to be launched. This naming strategy allows for easy recall for consumers and makes the ordering process more convenient. It truly reflects the brand’s commitment to building a robust community connection between the brand and its consumers.

“By executing the outlined strategy, Burger King is optimistic that it will fuel business expansion in the upcoming period, leading to an overall business performance in 2023 that surpasses the targeted growth of over 20%. In 2024, the business trajectory is set to continue creating new menus tailored to evolving needs, accompanied by the expansion of branches to cover a wider geographical area nationwide. The objective is to strengthen Burger King’s standing as the foremost ‘King of Burgers’ and advance its journey toward transforming into a ‘Restaurant as a Future.’ This strategic direction aims to address the diverse needs of consumers across all genders and age groups,” Thanawat concluded.

To learn more details, visit www.burgerking.co.th or check out its Facebook: Burger King Thailand.

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