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“Buy Soon TixTaQ Tickets for Events on ASEAN NOW and Inspire Platforms.”

B-Concept Media Entertainment Group’s most innovative Thailand ticketing platform, TixTaQ, has partnered with Choice Group Asia, the company behind the leading Expat community website, ASEAN NOW (formerly Thaivisa.com), and brands such as Inspire Bangkok and Pattaya.

TixTaQ connects ticket sellers to buyers, makes ticket buying available on Choice Group’s Asia platforms, and offers advanced ticketing options for concerts, events and shows to its platform users.

TixTaQ, innovative ticket technology, covers deep analytics, data, marketing and advanced payment methods. Consumers pay across cards, digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and other alternative payment methods.

New to TixTaQ offering is that customers can purchase their tickets for upcoming events and pay in instalments to reduce the financial burden instead of a one-time total payment, especially when ticket prices are high.

Dan Cheeseman, Managing Director at Choice Group Asia, comments, “Ticket sales, are a logical next step to increase ticket sales across our channels and offer our users access to tickets for concerts and events. Choice Group Asia has with its platforms significant reach and is the leading expat media company.”

According to William Kuipers, Chief Executive Officer at B-Concept Media Entertainment Group, “tapping into Choice Group’s audience gives us more opportunities to reach and understand this audience, offer events and perks and increase their ticket buying experience.”

TixTaQ is an advanced ticket technology that facilitates small to super large ticket sales for events, concerts, parks and sports. TixTaq offers Covid proof ticketing with integrated social distancing, safe checking-in and out and time-slot ticketing.

The system provides deep analytics, real-time seat selling and online point of sales for resellers. Traditional and digital media and marketing channels from our publishing partner networks are available to accelerate awareness and conversions for organizers.

TixTaQ offers enterprises, cinemas, sports clubs, hotels, bars, and theatres a suite of different solutions.

Choice Group Asia is Asia’s leading Expat Media Company. The company manages platforms, including the almost legendary ThaiVisa (now rebranded ASEAN NOW) and Inspire Bangkok, Hua Hin and Pattaya. The company also produces content across digital channels in these cities.

B-Concept Media Entertainment Group manages award-winning activations, entertainment, data, tickets, venues and events. We deliver integrated digital and physical solutions and create fan experiences around communities. Event Hub Hua Hin Airport is part of B-Concept Media Entertainment Group and focuses on creating events and entertainment at Hua Hin Airport. TixTaQ is B-Concept Media Entertainment Group’s modern-day covid-proof ticket channel for event promoters and venue owners.

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