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C55 EVENTS launches X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race in Thailand, offering a whole new of adventure

C55 EVENTS, a pioneer in organising Outdoor Sport Events in Thailand, is calling all obstacle and outdoors sports enthusiasts to get ready for a unique and spirited challenge that will work every muscle in your body. The X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race is coming to the Pattana Golf Club & Resort, Chonburi, on 28 April 2019. The exciting 8.5-km race alternates challenging TRIIB obstacles with natural hazards such as the Pits of Hell.

The X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race was created to help develop the physical and mental tenacity of racers, and requires cross-country running (hence the name X-Country TRIIB), climbing over obstacles, carrying objects and crawling through the mud. The varied TRIIB obstacles call on racers to scale a wall, crawl or squirm through a sandpit, find a way over a tyre wall, and navigate an “over-and-under”, which is a series of obstacles which runners alternately go over and under a series of walls.

Ms. Rujirapun Juangroongruangkit, Executive Vice President of Pattana Golf Club & Resort, says, “Since the humble beginnings of obstacle racing in Thailand in 2007 a lot has changed. Fast forward to current day, obstacle racing has rapidly grown into one of the fastest growing global sports with less than half a million finishers worldwide in 2010 to more than 4 million finishers in 2015. Also in Thailand obstacle racing has rapidly gained popularity. We joined hands with C55 Events to bring the most challenging and exciting experience of obstacle racing to Thailand with the aim to develop Pattana Golf Club & Resort into a role model for Thailand in sports training and outdoor sport management. Pattana Golf Club & Resort is an all-encompassing recreational sports resort destination dedicated to individuals, families, and groups with a healthy inspired way of living.

“Based on C55 Events’ proven success in organising countless outdoor activities, we are confident that the new X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race will become one more challenging, naturally fun activity enhancing health and happiness for all participants. We designed the X-Country TRIIB to be doable for racers of all ages and abilities. The TRIIB obstacles are designed to be assembled, disassembled and reassembled whenever and wherever desired. Their flexible nature makes them easily adapted for cross-country or urban terrain and off-road environments.

To be held in the award-winning Pattana Golf Club & Resort, the X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race features four categories: the Solo Elite 8.5-km, and Solo 8.5-km for different age groups, Solo Long Course 17-km, and Team 8.5-km.

Jurgen Swinckels, General Manager of C55 EVENTS, says, “With over 10 years of experience, we have organised running races, adventure races, obstacle races, trail runs, triathlons, and cycling events. This continual expansion has led us to the great adventure that is the obstacle races of X-Country TRIIB. The X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race is ideal for all fitness enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers. C55 EVENTS plans to further capitalise on the popularity of obstacle racing by holding the X-Country TRIIB#2 on 29 September 2019. We hope this activity will generate a community of fitness lovers and we encourage everyone to register as an individual runner or as a group and become part of our TRIIB. Whether you’re looking to push your limits or just want to have a big bag of fun, X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race is perfect for everyone. So come join our fun event to push your limits and you will get an unforgettable race-day experience.”

For the first X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race on 28 April, C55 EVENTS is working with The Movement Playground on Sukhumvit Soi 69 as a training partner. The Movement Playground offers a tailor-made training program for athletes that firmly prepares potential participants for the X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race. Initial training sessions will be conducted at the Movement Playground gym and will be followed by an actual training run over the TRIIB obstacles at Pattana Golf Club & Resort, in the weekend prior to the race.

All X-Country TRIIB racers will receive a race pack containing a Bib number with timing device (for team, one device per team), a X-Country TRIIB T-shirt, and a medal proving that you finished,. Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to first, second and third places.

Pancake- Khemanit Jamikorn, a Thai TV actress and model who passionate in outdoor sport activities, says, “I am excited to see this kind of race taking place in Thailand. The X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race challenges me both mentally and physically. I’ve been training for months and now it’s time to take my increased strength to X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race and experience the thrill of obstacle course racing. I’m certain the challenging course will throw everything at me to test my strength.”

Matthew Deane Chanthavanij, an actor and owner of Khongsittha Gym in Bangkok, says, “Extreme sports are my favorite. I can’t wait to join the X-Country TRIIB Obstacle Race! This time, I will fully practice beforehand so I am better prepared to overcome my limits. I would like to invite everyone who is a fitness enthusiast, from veterans to beginners, to sign up to participate, either individually or in teams. The fun starts on April 28 for the first time in Thailand at Pattana Golf Club and Resort, Chonburi.”

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