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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a difference at Amari Bangkok

This February, Amari invites singletons, groups of friends and couples to ditch traditional Valentine’s Day plans and opt for an alternative celebration with Amari Bangkok. Guests are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey, with accommodation at the centrally located Amari Bangkok and the chance to discover Bangkok’s shrines dedicated to the pursuit of love, including the Trimurti Shrine and its iconic love-seeking ritual, and the Lakshmi Shrine at Gaysorn Village.

Nestled in front of CentralWorld on Ratchadamri Road, and within a close walking distance to Amari Bangkok, the Trimurti Shrine is a fascinating landmark steeped in romance and the rich tapestry of Thai and Hindu traditions, known as the ‘Shrine of Love.’ While it’s officially dedicated to the Hindu Trimurti gods of creation, preservation, and destruction (Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva), it has garnered a unique reputation as a haven for both love-seekers and those looking to strengthen an existing love.

Built in 1989, the shrine is a replica of a much older statue from the ancient Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya. However, unlike its predecessor, the Trimurti Shrine has become synonymous with finding love. The beautiful golden statue, with its two heads and four arms, embodies a powerful energy believed to bless those seeking their significant other.

Local lore whispers that Lord Trimurti descends from the heavens on Tuesdays and Thursdays, specifically at 9:30 PM, to hear the prayers of hopeful romantics. This belief has led to a fascinating tradition where every Tuesday and Thursday evening, the shrine becomes a vibrant kaleidoscope of red. Devotees, especially young singletons clad in red attire, flock to the shrine bearing offerings of red roses and lighting red candles.

While the love-seeking aspect adds a unique charm to the Trimurti Shrine, it’s also worth appreciating its historical and cultural significance. The beautiful architectural details, with its ornate gables and sheltered dome, showcase a blend of classical Indian sculpture and Thai touches. Visiting the shrine offers a glimpse into the harmonious coexistence of Hinduism and Buddhism within Thai culture.

Though often considered a romantic alternative to Valentine’s Day, the Trimurti Shrine holds meaning beyond just finding love. It’s a place of prayer, offering solace and hope to anyone seeking divine blessings for various aspects of their lives.

Individuals seeking to enhance their romantic prospects or deepen existing relationships can follow a ceremonial practice for invoking love, with the recommended procedure as follows:

  • Prepare 9 red roses or a rose flower garland
  • 9 red incense sticks
  • One red candle (or two for couples)
  • Positioned in front of the shrine, recite the Khata prayer inscribed on a stone beneath the sacred site.
  • Following this, present the roses to the Trimurti god and place the candle and incense sticks in the designated pot.

Those staying at Amari Bangkok are in a fantastic location as the hotel is surrounded by beautiful shrines thought to encourage true love. Also within walkable distance is the Lakshmi Shrine at Gaysorn Village (opposite Central World). This small shrine is located on the fourth-floor rooftop of Gaysorn Village, a luxury shopping mall. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to offer prayers to Lakshmi for blessings in love, business, wealth and good fortune. Devotees typically offer pink lotus flowers and 9 incense sticks. In Hinduism, Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, fortune, and love. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman seated on a lotus flower, holding gold coins and lotus buds.

Amari Bangkok, the flagship Amari property which forms part of ONYX Hospitality Group’s, portfolio of hotels & resorts, serviced apartments and luxury residences, provides guests with an immersion into the dynamic energy and cultural opulence of the city. Nestled in the lively Ratchaprasong neighbourhood, Amari Bangkok offers a refined urban escape with its contemporary design, panoramic city vistas, and a comprehensive array of amenities.

The location is unrivalled in the city; a walk across the street to Platinum Fashion Mall and a short stroll to vibrant markets, revered shrines including the Trimurti Shrine, and world-class shopping malls. Amari Bangkok has completed recent refurbishments, ensuring the property further caters to the needs of travellers, with additions such as new dining establishments including ChomSindh. ChomSindh celebrates traditional Thai recipes, offering a vibrant celebration of Thai flavours where freshwater and seafood delicacies come alive. Alternatively, guests can experience Italian fine dining at its best with ONYX Hospitality Group’s much-loved Prego brand at Amari Bangkok, perfect for a fantastic evening of culinary delights for couples, singletons or groups of friends alike. The hotel also offers exclusive Club Siraa benefits for those booking the Club rooms. This includes breakfast and complimentary early evening drinks with incredible views from the 9th floor, as well as a private check-in and check-out. Additionally, “maai spa,” which is inspired by the majestic metamorphosis of a silkworm as it transforms into a radiant butterfly, is set to launch at Amari Bangkok in early 2024, with a focus on holistic treatments.

Whether looking for love or wishing to partake in an iconic ritual, a visit to Bangkok’s beautiful shrines including the Trimurti Shrine and Lakshmi Shrine, can be a unique experience steeped in cultural richness and spiritual serenity. After a day of exploring and enjoying unforgettable encounters, Amari Bangkok is the perfect hub to return to, a haven of peace in the heart of the city, where luxurious and comfortable accommodation combine with exquisite amenities and dining experiences.

  • Amari Bangkok is offering a “SpaCation Package” from 4,399THB per night (approximately 123 GBP), based on two adults sharing a room. Package includes daily breakfast and a 60-minute choice of selected massage. Minimum 2 night stay.
  • For more special packages please visit www.amari.com/bangkok/special-offers/hotel-packages or email reservations.bangkok@amari.com

For more information on Amari Bangkok, please visit www.amari.com/bangkok

For more information about Amari, please visit www.amari.com

For more information about ONYX Hospitality Group, please visit www.onyx-hospitality.com.

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