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Central Chidlom’s $4B Luxe Makeover Wows Bangkok!

Central Department Store - logoIn the heart of Bangkok, a monumental transformation unfolds at Central Chidlom, signalling a new era in luxury retail. With an impressive investment of 4 billion baht, Central Retail Corporation is reimagining the essence of sophisticated shopping. The ambitious “The Store of Bangkok” project aims to redefine elegance, convenience, and exclusivity in the bustling metropolis.

Central Chidlom’s journey began in 1974, setting the foundation for a retail legacy. Today, under the visionary leadership of Natira Boonsri, CEO of Central Department Store Group, this iconic establishment is poised to transcend its historical role. By embracing the concept of “One-Stop-Shopping,” Central Chidlom is not merely undergoing a physical transformation but also crafting a distinct identity that resonates with local and international patrons.

The architectural marvel emerging at Central Chidlom is a collaboration with Thailand’s foremost architects and global consultants. The redesign focuses on three pillars: enhancing the shopper’s experience through a spacious layout, modernizing the façade with dynamic lighting, and improving accessibility with strategic infrastructure enhancements. These elements combine to create an environment that is not just a place to shop but a destination to experience.

At the core of Central Chidlom’s transformation is the curation of global luxury brands. The “Luxe Galerie” boasts an impressive roster that includes Balenciaga, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, among others. “Shoes Avenue” is a haven for shoe lovers, featuring exclusive collections from world-renowned designers. Furthermore, the “Beauty Galerie” sprawls over 6,000 square meters, offering an unmatched selection of beauty products, setting a new standard in luxury retail.

Central Chidlom is also pioneering in catering to the younger generation’s lifestyle with the introduction of “Sneakers Boulevard,” a testament to the store’s commitment to evolving consumer trends. Expanding food outlets and enhancing customer services underscore Central Chidlom’s dedication to providing an unparalleled shopping experience.

A notable aspect of Central Chidlom’s strategy is its focus on building communities. By targeting diverse customer groups, from high-end shoppers to creative minds and international visitors, Central Chidlom is fostering a sense of belonging. The introduction of “CENFINITY,” a bespoke loyalty program, and the establishment of a unique brand identity with the “Central Chidlom Rose Pink” colour are strategic moves to engage and inspire.

Central Chidlom’s transformation is not just about aesthetics or brand offerings; it’s a comprehensive approach to redefining luxury retail. The projected increase in foot traffic and sales growth underscores the positive reception from the market. As Central Chidlom prepares to unveil its new identity in April, with the grand reveal scheduled for December, anticipation builds among the elite clientele and the broader community.

The story of Central Chidlom is one of innovation, inspiration, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As “The Store of Bangkok” takes shape, it promises to be a beacon of luxury in Thailand and the global retail landscape. This transformation marks the beginning of a new chapter in the legacy of Central Chidlom, inviting the world to witness the future of luxury retail in Bangkok.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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