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Central Department Store to Host the first World’s Premier Watch & Jewellery At Central World to Target 800 million baht in Sales from Chinese and CLMV Tourists

Central Department Store and Central Pattana PLC are set to co-host Central | ZEN World’s Premier Watch & Jewellery Expo @CentralwOrld. Led by Piyawan Leelasompop, Executive Vice-President of Marketing, Central Department Store Limited, A part of Central Retail Corporation and Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana Ph.D, Executive Vice-President Marketing, Central Pattana PLC, the expos will be the biggest event of its kind in Thailand. It will take place in the heart of the City and will be consistent with its traditional standards: best promotion, best timing, and best location. The expo will also accommodate what watch and jewellery lovers- Thai, and foreigners alike- are looking for. There has more than 180 brands of Watches and Jewellery. The event will take place from September 25 to October 8, 2019, at Central Court Zone, Floor 1, Eden Plaza 1-2 and Dazzle Zone, Floor 1, CentralwOrld.

According to Piyawan Leelasompop, “It is Central Department Store that has initiated the watch expo since 1998 with great success and been well received by our customers for the past twenty-one years. From the perspective of customers, we are the watch expo leader of the year in Thailand. Our strategy aims at nothing less than excellence in the areas of best watch expo timing, a most comprehensive number of watchmakers, the highest number of watch brands at the highest aggregate value, most extensive watch collection, and most competitive offers. We believe that our strategy will make those watch lovers become enthusiastic about and looking forward to our annual watch expo. They even suggest that the duration of the watch expo should be extended, and that is what we’ll do. The aggregate value of the watches will be higher. It is also important for us to take the event to the next level by organizing two expos at two venues. The just-successfully-concluded watch expo took place at Central Chidlom featuring Luxury Watch and Mid-range Watch. And the second expo to follow is “Central | ZEN World’s Premier Watch & Jewellery Expo @CentralwOrld.” It will feature three categories of watches: Luxury Watch, Fashion Watch, and Smart & Moderate Watch. And for the first time, we’ll add jewellery from premium brands into the watch expo, which will take place on September 25 to October 8, 2019, at Central Court Zone, Floor 1, Eden Plaza 1-2 and Dazzle Zone, Floor 1, CentralwOrld.

What is significant about this second watch expo is that there will be a large number of quality watches together with new promotion campaigns. We’ll take the glamor to the next level while keeping the integrity of the contemporary watch expo intact. We’ll broaden the high-end watches and jewellery markets. We’ll organize the expo at Central World. It is a strategic location in the heart of Bangkok, easily accessible, and an iconic destination among overseas tourists who are visiting Thailand.

Another strategy is to host the expo at the best timing to coincide with the “Golden Week.” The week marks the beginning of Q4 of the year, which is the bustling period of the year for Thai people. Furthermore, it coincides with the anticipated arrival of Chinese tourists, our largest market target, starting October 1 onward. The timing of the watch expo starts from September 25 onward in order to compliments our seasonal marketing initiative. We project a 10-percent increase in overseas tourists coming to our watch expo. Attributing to the projection is the waiver of Baht 2,000 Visa on Arrival fee for people in 18 countries and 1 Economic Zone as recently approved by the Cabinet. Also, our projection is consistent with that of the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) that targets an increase of 10 percent of Chinese tourists coming to Thailand. Moreover, tourists from CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam) continue to be on our high-growth list. The shopping patterns of the CLMV customers in Thailand are favorable with a continuing growth rate of 5 % per annum.

Our promotion plan for the watch expo is to focus on “Omnichannel,” which is a communications method to reach out to Thai and overseas customers via online and offline platform in accordance with the Big Data from The1 card that has over 15 million members in order to be accessible to every target groups including the Chinese, CLMV and other countries such as the Arabian and the Middle East. The particular method is being done through Facebook Global of Central Department Store with various languages and there will be a publicized article on websites and over a 100 blogs in China such as Sohu, Toutiao, Sina. The certain article is expected to get 15 to 20 million views through the promoted websites. Moreover, we are also publicize on Wechat OA or customers’ E-mail on The1 data base which will create an increased awareness concerning the expo on a 360-degree basis. Furthermore, CentralwOrld will support the communications and make them extensive to the maximum extent possible. At the entrance of the shopping store, we’ll showcase our planned activities on PanOramix-the largest digital interactive screen in the world.

Piyawan Leelasompop, Executive Vice-President of Marketing, Central Department Store Limited, A part of Central Retail Corporation added that, “We are confident that the ‘ Central | ZEN World’s premier Watch & Jewellery Expo @Centralworld which is an expo the boost up the sales and originate the new trend for the customers at the watch expo both at Central World and Central Chidlom will receive the 800 million revenue according to the expectation”.

Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana Ph.D, Executive Vice-President Marketing, Central Pattana PLC, added that ” We are quite confident that the expo that will be held at Central World will be the monumental step in elevating the watch jewellery expos in order for it to become the signature of Watch Lovers from all around the world. Furthermore, Central World is considered the “Center of Life” that satisfies a variety of lifestyles. It is an iconic destination and a landmark for Thai and overseas customers alike. The location is easily accessible with an average of 150,000 people passing by daily which is the high-purchasing power group of people, 30% of whom are from overseas and mostly from China. The duration of the expo coincides with the long-holiday Chinese, “Golden Week” which will undoubtedly increase the tourist traffic for 15%.

The products that will be sold at the expo is very exceptional because it is considered to be the finale for the end of 2019. There will be new collection of watches that will be available for the first time for the collectors to purchase including the anticipated limited edition that is being imported from the world famous expos BaselWorld 2019 and SIHH from Switzerland and there is a promotion specially offered at the CentralwOrld expo.

All the watch enthusiast can go update and do some shopping at Central | ZEN World’s premier Watch & jewellery Expo @ CentralwOrld with the most exceptional deals and offers of the year
– 10% – 30% discount
– 1,000 baht coupon from Line Official Account Central for every 20,000 baht purchase in 1 receipt
– Up to 45% On-Top discount from The1 and the leading credit cards
– The Watch Dept. free cash coupon worth 135,000 baht when you shop at the Watch Dept. within the condition
– The Jewellery Dept. free cash coupon worth 40,000 baht when you shop at the Jewellery Dept. within the condition
– Free watch box worth 30,200 baht when you purchase via Master Card 250,000 baht onward (Only the first 20 offers)
– 0%, up to 10-months installment watch purchases from participating credit cards

We have arranged comprehensive promotion campaigns and services for the tourist. For example, “Tourist WOW” is that for every Baht 10,000 purchase you are entitled to a Baht 300 voucher, 20,000 Baht purchase gets Baht 700 voucher, and 50,000 Baht purchase gets Baht 2,000 voucher. Moreover, for every 8,888 baht purchase, you will get 1,388 baht discount from Union Pay when you pay via QR Code the Union Pay Application. We are also collaborate with Alipay, the world famous online payment platform that has over 1 billion users worldwide which 700 million of them is from China. This will create convenience for Chinese customers due to the promotion from Alipay in Golden week which you will receive 580 baht discount for every 4,000 baht purchase. The coupon can be redeemed at Alipay application.

Five watch trends from Basel World are as follows;
1. Vintage Inspired: This trend is loved by watch collectors over time. The legendary brands have redesigned their classic series to match with the contemporary world. The dial is sleek and smaller while the classic touch remains.
2. 3D Innovation: The leading brands take pride of their intricate craftsmanship and mechanical sophistication that can blend seamlessly with innovation to become the state-of-the-art creations.
3. Infusion of Color: The trend brings back the colourful dial design. The colors that are preferable this year are green and blue, while multiple colors are gaining popularity as an expression of a wearer’s self.
4. Useful Functions: The wristwatch serves proper functions to meet different lifestyles of the wearers. Their designs tend to include utility and functions that are more than ordinary.
5. High-Tech Materials: New and unique materials are integrated by craftsmen to make the timepiece extraordinary.

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