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Central Embassy Launches an Inspirational Animated Short Film ‘LIFE QUEST’ For its 5th Anniversary Celebration

For the past five years, Central Embassy has served as a lifestyle hub and destination which offers endless inspiration in art, food, music, design, fashion and lifestyle, alongside state-of-the-art services in the heart of the city to create happy experiences for all.
As part of its 5th anniversary celebration, Central Embassy has introduced a creative animated short film, ‘LIFE QUEST’, under the concept Let Life Inspire You to convey that inspirations are all around when you open your mind and change your perception. Being open-minded can inspire happiness and fuel life meaningfully every day.

Barom Bhicharnchitr, Managing Director of Central Embassy, talks about the objective of presenting unique experiences through this animated short film. “LIFE QUEST presents a story beyond imagination just like the uniqueness of Central Embassy, filled with creativity and outside-the-box mindset. We are committed and determined to offer unique experiences for all lifestyles, and this is the first time for us to do an animated film campaign which fits for all.”

“LIFE QUEST” presents an everyday life of ‘LIFE’, the main character who leads an ordinary life thinking everything is already good enough. One day, he stumbles upon a mystery box which draws everything into it, including his LIFE WINDER, which is believed to power LIFE to do things. LIFE has to explore the unknown, and he has to find the LIFE WINDER as soon as possible as time’s ticking before his body stops functioning. He feels that he can’t live without the LIFE WINDER, and so the quest for the LIFE WINDER begins and takes him to wonderful experiences beyond imagination. He meets a new friend ‘BUDDY’ and they both embark on the adventure together. BUDDY introduces him to the beauty of everyday life that he used to take for granted. The duo later meet ‘BIG’, a real foodie, who takes them to a food paradise to meet the god of food. They try new dishes that they have never experienced before. There’s also ‘LOVE’, a new friend who shows them the meaning of friendship. Joining them is ‘WISE’, a thinker who teaches them that the real LIFE WINDER is when you open your mind to new people and new things around you, try new things and find your inspiration. Even without his old LIFE WINDER, ‘LIFE’ can still enjoy the journey of life and amazing things around him. Watch the animated short film at https://youtu.be/ruecFUdvQyo
The five characters represent life in various aspects. The story also presents wonderful settings, beautiful

friendship, endless experiences, dazzling arts, and tempting treats, just like how Central Embassy brings endless inspiration, creativity and new experiences to all lifestyles. It is a place that inspires new ideas and shows the beauty of this world through the concept of “One Life Infinite Possibilities”.

One of the highlights of this animated short film is that it is the first time for two talented actors ‘Nine’ Naphat Siangsomboon and ‘Mew’ Nittha Jirayungyurn who voice BIG and LOVE, joined by famous voice actors that everyone is familiar with: Arunee Nantiwas, Pattarawut Samutnavee and Ekkachai Phongsamai, who have voiced characters in Hollywood films like The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Armageddon, as well as famous cartoons like Doraemon, Conan, Sailor Moon and The Powerpuff Girls.

“We want Central Embassy to be a place where everyone can come find their inspiration through our curated selection of experiences that cater to all lifestyle needs,” Barom said.

The inspiration continues with the launch of LINE Sticker from the animation for everyone to download in LINE Sticker Shop from today onwards and LIFE QUEST Store on Level 4 of Central Embassy where visitors can browse and buy special collection items such as t-shirts, umbrellas, bags, dolls, mugs and keychain created just for this special occasion. Enjoy free screening of the animated short film at Multimedia Room throughout the day, and check out a cute cafe which indulges visitors with desserts, drinks and frozen yoghurt in various flavors inspired by the animation’s characters, starting from this June 28th onwards.

“LIFE QUEST” is available on https://youtu.be/ruecFUdvQyo and Central Embassy’s social media. Find out more at www.facebook.com/centralembassy,www.centralembassy.com and Instagram: @centralembassy

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