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Central Retail Becoming the World’s Leading “Digital Retailer”

Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, or CRC, continues to drive business on a global level, constantly reinforcing its market presence as Asia’s leading retailer in pioneering innovation.

The Groups success is guaranteed by 7 prestigious awards in different aspects such as omnichannel and O2O customer experience, Central App Retail App of the Year, and Tops Market Supermarket of the Year, from 2 international institutions International Finance Awards and Retail Asia Awards. This demonstrates the company’s success in digital transformation to enhance the business and deliver a flawless customer experience. Being led by a vision that strives to strengthen business, Central Retail has witnessed a solid performance owing to a strong potentiality in its adaptability, proactive work approach, elevated omnichannel platform, and keen eyes for untapped opportunities with partners.

The company’s entry into the luxury market corresponds well with universal trends and current consumers’ interests. Its achievement is proven by sales thriving amidst the face of challenges and uncertainties. Consequently, Mr Yol Phokasub, Chief Executive Officer of

Central Retail was recognized with the Luxury Retail CEO award by International Finance, UK’s leading financial and business magazine, to commend the accomplishments of firms and executives from various industries across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Central Retail, with its CRC Retailligence strategy, has comprehensively transformed and incorporated the Digital First mindset and culture into its operation. As an omnichannel first mover, the company truly knows the 5.0 Omni-customers and never ceases to improve its Customer-Centric Omnichannel Platform, connecting offline stores with the digital platform to meet customers’ ever-changing needs.

It also revamps services at all touchpoints, expands new branches, and enhances the stores to modernize offline channels, hoping to deliver a seamless shopping experience. As a result, Retail Asia, Singapore’s leading business magazine, has endorsed this organizational excellence and awarded Central Retail in 2 categories O2O Customer Experience of the Year reflecting the company’s omnichannel leadership and its ambition in reaching the Next-Gen Omnichannel and being the world Omni-Centric Retailer.

Digital Initiative of the Year Central Retails blockchain-based digital currency C-Coin project was initiated to encourage employees in adopting new technology, and further developed into an internal recognition award. The employees awarded with the C-Coin can use the reward to pay for products or services at participating stores under Central Group, positively inspiring a cashless environment within the firm. From the remarkable commitment to continually enriching customer experience, subsidiaries under Central Retail have also received the other 4 major awards from Retail Asia.

Central Department Store under Central Retail, the #1 department store in Thailand, proudly received the Retail App of the Year award for Central App an elevated shopping experience application that links physical department stores with the world of digital to respond to each shopper’s lifestyle and preferences. Tops market received the Supermarket of the Year award for uplifting the new store format and becoming the #1 premium lifestyle supermarket in Thailand. Quality products sourced and selected from different regions around the globe are displayed creatively to create new shopping experiences and fulfil fast-changing customer demands.

Besides, Central Food Retail also won the Omnichannel Strategy of the year award for creating seamless shopping experiences through extensive multi-omnichannel platforms as well as physical stores, underpinning its position as a leading Thai supermarket retailer acknowledged on an international stage. Supersports under Central Retail won the Sporting Goods Retailer of the Year award, emphasizing its position as a leading sporting goods retailer.

Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)

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